Monday, 4 June 2012

Cut Letters in Paper.... Experiments as a way of relaxing.

As a way of shutting down from commissioned work, 
I do like to play and experiment.
I have lots of new ideas and I'm having
 a great time with cut out letters

 I have a 'thing' about wanting  the words to come out in one piece,
with no joins. Perhaps it's my love of poetry 
and prose and seeing how words fit together. 

I loved this quotation, and just HAD to cut it out of paper,
 to be framed and ready for sale on my Wedding website.
 I think it would make a great gift for newly weds. 

 It was my brother-in-laws 40th birthday this year
so I just had to make him an extra special card. 

 And I have just finished a wedding order for this couple

It looks great on Cadbury's Purple.... the colour they chose for their invitations.

And probably my favourite quotation,
I have sold countless connotations of this little quote,
who's words are few, but mean so much. 

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