Monday 25 June 2012

Back to my creative space!

What a wonderful week!
I don't take holidays easily....but sometimes you just need to get away from it all to give your brain time to rest and think....especially us creative types, who find it hard to stop!
But stop I did.
No computers, no telephones, no TV and no newspapers.
What a perfect world!

We did however, manage to go to one of Steve's (aka - The Alchemist!) suppliers and spend more than a little on glass!
Ok so I actively encouraged him to spend..... but I was like a kid in a candy shop and my fetish for Paper is not too different than his fetish for glass!

We also met with lots of other creative people and he especially made some great connections.... all very good news for him and exciting times ahead... I expect he will blog about this on his 'Steve Smiths Jewellery Blog' very soon.

Today... I was back at the studio and itching to get started on some new projects that came to me while I was away. See, I may not have had access to the internet or art tools.... but the brain still works and somehow I managed to store up ideas from the inspiration I gathered around me!

But first....after re-vamping the Gallery and shop, I thought it was time to have a real good clear out.... so I can see the wood for the trees and work more efficiently.
Before I was busy I tended to work quite chaotically but now I need to re look at how I do things and where I store things and throw away, long worn out ideas and most of all BITS OF PAPER!
So, for this week, I am in semi-holiday mode. Things are on the back burner while I get my act together. Of course, the studio is once again, open for business... and I'm looking forward to what the future brings....Exciting times!

If you would like to see my work for sale.... hop on over to my website and of course..... don't forget to follow us on Facebook

Wednesday 13 June 2012

More Cut Lettering.... This time on Signs.

I have to tell you that as soon as I had a little bit of spare time,
I had to make some signs.

The first one is for my Wedding Website 

And is simply a 24" x 5" white painted sign, 
to direct guests to the Bride and Grooms Wedding.

This quotation brings back lots of happy memories.
With 3 kids at home and mostly all their friends round too,
this was a regular saying my mum used to come out with.

At times the house was chaotic....
and to some, must have seemed like a Mad House....
but everyone was made welcome and 
the saying always brought a big smile to visitors.

The next one... I am NOT laying any claim to.
The quotation greatly amused the person who suggested it...
so I did it for him
The original one does NOT have the word blanked out,
I was trying to protect my reputation! (she says tongue in cheek!) 

Anyway....all these signs are on painted MDF. 
I'm sticking to 3 sizes of sign at the moment to see how they go.
The sizes available are:
24" x 6" and will be on sale for £20
30cm x 21cm (A4) will sell for £15
and then small 21cm x 10cm ones will sell for £7.50.

I'll make a few as examples for the website....
but as per usual, everything can be made to order.
To see more visit 

Thursday 7 June 2012

Personalised Gift - Concertina Book For Baby Boy

A cute rocking horse charm was added to the card...

I made this little concertina book a couple of weeks ago,
(see what I mean about forgetting to actually 
get round to WRITING my post up!)

As this was for a boy....of course it HAD to be in blues.
The cover paper is a blue watercolour washed paper,
and the lovely crinkle effect marks 
are made with laying cling film over the top while it dries.
This is a great technique for Journal Makers and Scrap bookers too!

Very simple but effective. 

Untying the ribbon, allows the book to expand....

And stands up all by itself....

Then tying the ribbon again...hides it's secrets....

Personalised, Made To Order Gift - Concertina Book for Baby Girls

I've been snowed under with work lately....
hence my lack of blog posts and
 keeping up with my Inspired by Script Blog.

I have downloaded photos as I have taken them 
and popped them into blank Blog Posts....
unfortunately, my attempt at creative titles 
don't make it easy for me to know,
which pictures I have uploaded and which I haven't...
so you will have to bear with me if I repeat myself 
(It's ok.... it's an 'age' thing!)

This commission is freshly finished,
so I KNOW I haven't already shown it to you.
Sophie and Eleanor.
2 concertina books, both celebrating 1st birthdays.
I've mentioned before about these little books...
I can go months without doing any... and then all of a sudden 
I get inn undated with orders for them. 

I prefer making these books to order....but will be adding some 'ready made' ones 
onto my website  for people in a rush.
Turnaround time for orders of these books can be up to 14 days, depending on how bust I am at the time...
so please, if you want one making specially....
please order in good time. 

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Hand Made Wedding Invitations - Becky and John

Above and below shows the front cover to this invitation.
Of course, this is a wedding Invitation,
but the design cane be altered for ANY occasion. 

Weddings Stationery Designed and made by Inspired by Script
Square Invitations 14.5cm x 14.5cm 
 available in single or double sided.

Monday 4 June 2012

Cut Letters in Paper.... Experiments as a way of relaxing.

As a way of shutting down from commissioned work, 
I do like to play and experiment.
I have lots of new ideas and I'm having
 a great time with cut out letters

 I have a 'thing' about wanting  the words to come out in one piece,
with no joins. Perhaps it's my love of poetry 
and prose and seeing how words fit together. 

I loved this quotation, and just HAD to cut it out of paper,
 to be framed and ready for sale on my Wedding website.
 I think it would make a great gift for newly weds. 

 It was my brother-in-laws 40th birthday this year
so I just had to make him an extra special card. 

 And I have just finished a wedding order for this couple

It looks great on Cadbury's Purple.... the colour they chose for their invitations.

And probably my favourite quotation,
I have sold countless connotations of this little quote,
who's words are few, but mean so much. 

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