Sunday 30 January 2011

4 Fold Concertina Type Cards

I played around with the Concertina concept of folding paper and card to make a stand up card. Taking an A4 sheet of paper and super imposing text on top of calligraphy came up with these. They fold into a 210mm x 70mm structure. The ribbons are glued and run between the cover and the inside of the card. Just a novel take on the traditional concertina.

Thursday 20 January 2011

Concertina Card - Get Well Soon

A concertina card....with a simple Get Well Soon wish....
This concertina card is for a girl in hospital, seriously ill with pneumonia since before Christmas...
She has had one lung drained and was due to have a drain put in her other lung last Monday......

The struggle has been long and hard....for both her and her partner

'Wishing you butterfly mornings,
and wildflower afternoons'

Here's hoping that you recovery now comes swiftly.
We are all lighting candles for you Ceebee

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

There is probably no better time to commission work than for Valentines day. This quotations: Love is....the magical meeting of two souls is one of my most popular.....

The client who bought this also commissioned me to make another one too, and here it is......

Other favourites include the Apache Wedding Blessing, Kahlil Gibran on love and on Marriage....yes Valentines Day is on it's way.....and love is in the air! Just what we need after the January Blues....a little spark to ignite the passions of the unfolding year.
Of course you don't have to wait for a special occasion to commission work and we have lots of 'Off The Shelf' pieces at the feel free to pop along and have a look. You will be most welcome

Hand Made Wedding Invitations

Because of the extremely bad weather we had towards the back end of the year, when the snow lay heavily on the ground and my pipes and toilet at the studio froze, it became almost impossible to work. My days were short and I did as much work as I could at home.

I was contacted by a Bride and Groom that saw me at the Wedding Fair held during the latter part of last year and we decided that it would be my first job back....
The invitations were a simple design and the Bride and groom were sure in what they wanted. After seeing the website dedicated to my Wedding Stationery they decided on Cream Hammered Card, Cream Inserts, black lettering and a Rust coloured ribbon....

The Evening Invited were half the size of the Wedding Invitations. I have more work to do for them closer to the time....the priority here is to get the invitations out.
To see more of my Wedding Stationery go to I try to cater for all levels of budget, so hopefully there is something there for everyone....and usually they work out cheaper than shop bought stationery and they also have the added advantage of being made especially for you and can be tweaked a little so you get exactly what you want.
You may also like to see my other posts on Wedding Commissions by clicking this link:

Commissions - A Great Start To the New Year

It's been a great start to the new year. Usually at this time of the year it's pretty quiet while people recover from the festive season. I normally use this time of the year to work on projects to be released later on in the year....but this year has been quite different.

It started with a commission for a Baby Girls Birth Poster. These are prints which are personalised with the baby's name, fate of birth, weight and time of birth. Each one individual and unique. Along with the details the poster has a hand painted diamond pattern running through it.

For further details of how to order one of these, go to my contact link or see this post, The above post will also give you a full version of the text contained within this gift. I take payments by cheque, postal order or Paypal.

Monday 17 January 2011

Quotation Site

There's no doubt about it...I love quotations and as such I am a keen collector and have books full of the. I often get asked where do I get them from and the answer is....from many many sources. However the internet has certainly made things a lot easier.
If you are looking for a special quotation
to suit a particular event or occasion,
go to The Quote Garden. It's full of inspiration.
You can go direct to the site by CLICKING HERE
Go and grab yourself a coffee first....
you may be there some time :o)

Saturday 1 January 2011

Poetry Commission

Because of the sheer length of this poem and the constraints of the finished size brief, it was impossible to write the whole thing out in calligraphy not to mention the budget, I had to use calligraphy and typeface combined.

I gave the client the choice of two finishes.....both contemporary. The first was a painted border with gold strands running through it.....

The second had pastel squares tumbling through the words from the top to the bottom. It was no great surprise that this is the one the client chose as it was my favourite too......

The poem by Rudyard Kipling - The Thousandth Man, can be read here:
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