Thursday 14 January 2016

Baby pink, wishing tree, love bird, custom made wedding invitations and RSVP Card with menu choice card

Baby pink, wishing tree, love bird, custom made wedding invitations and RSVP Card with menu choice card

First day back at the studio Tuesday. Lots of paperwork done, diary filled out, all the forms printed and then a surprise consultant before closing time.

Designed and proofs send Wednesday lunchtime and approved immediately. wedding invitations and menu choice RSVP is all finished and ready for collection tonight. That's the way we roll :-)

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Wednesday 6 January 2016

10 Most common mistakes couples make when ordering Wedding Invitations

Ordering your invitations and stationery can seem like 
a daunting task. Here's the
10 Most common mistakes couples make 
when ordering Wedding Invitations

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#1   Not ordering enough invitations

This is a common mistake and should not be overlooked. I suggest you order 20% extra to your invitation order. Why? Because you are bound to have forgotten someone and MORE IMPORTANTLY it's expensive to have reprints. Most companies will charge a 'Setting-up fee’, which will have to be paid again if you return for more. Better to spend a few extra pounds at the beginning than a larger price per card if you return. 

#2   Ordering too many invitations
My couples are fortunate. I check and double-check the numbers. So often when I ask, "How many invites do you need", they'll answer "Oh about 100". "So that's about 200 guests then?" (Stunned silence). Remember you need 1 invitation PER family. If a child of that family is over 18 it's etiquette that you send them an individual invitation. 
This is one of the advantages of using a local stationer, remember an on-line company doesn't care if you order too many! 

 #3   Not checking proof thoroughly
Wherever possible I ask that my couples come back to the studio to check and recheck all the details. This includes spelling, grammar and punctuation too. The spelling and typos are YOUR responsibility and not your stationery makers. Noticing typos once your order has gone to print or even worse once your invites have been mailed out can be a costly mistake. You have no option but to pay for your order all over again. So PLEASE CHECK, CHECK and triple CHECK! 

#4   Not signing proofs off in a timely manner
Once you receive your proofs to be checked, your wedding stationer will have pre booked a slot in their diaries to reserve space for production. This is especially important during busy times. If you delay, your space will be filled with someone else's order and you'll be pushed to the back of the queue. Reply promptly

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#5   Setting your R.S.V.P. Date too far in advance
I know it's important and you are excited about your forthcoming wedding, but if you send out your invitations early and put an RSVP date on that is way ahead in the future, your invitation will more than likely be put aside and forgotten. I suggest that the RSVP date be set at 2 months before your wedding date. You'll most likely need to chase up late repliers 6 weeks before your wedding as you'll need final numbers for your caterers 4 weeks before. 

#6   Leaving it till last minuite to order your invitations
This is especially important if you are having custom made invitations. We advise our couples to order their stationery 4-5 months prior to their wedding day. Why? ok, let me explain
RSVP date 2 months before the wedding, you'll need 1 month prior to that to address, send out your invites and allow for postage times. And 1 month must be allowed for, for the stationer... especially during busy times. Remember, after you've ordered. The stationer will have to work up proofs, get them to you, make and changes, proof again, you need to sign them off and then they have to be made. 

Early ordering will make your stationer very happy! It will cut stress on both our parts... and neither of us needs stress do we? 

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#7   Not setting a budget
I'm always amazed at how few couples actually set a budget for their whole wedding, never mind the invites. OK if money is no object then you can have whatever you want, but more of my couples aren't made of money. Invitations vary in price depending on whether you want a plain postcard style or a more fancy pocket style with lots of card inclusions. 

Speak to your stationer about what you have to spend. This will cut time as they can direct you to the invitations within your budget, rather than falling in love with an all singing all dancing invitation that's 3 times what you have to spend. 

If you need RSVP cards and Info cards as well, there are cost cutting measures, so you can still have what you need. Many stationery makers will also do you a deal on bundles. You just need to ask!
Communication is the key!

#8   Not considering postage costs
I've had couples come to me with pictures of fancy cards in boxes, with a large silk rose plonked on the top and been asked if I can make something like 'this'. Another one is a paper scroll type invitation... far cheaper than a card... HOWEVER.... the postage of such items can be 3 times what you pay for posting a card! A few pearls or diamonds here and there will go for standard postage but BE VERY CAREFUL when setting your heart on something you've found on Pinterest. Again it can be a costly mistake. Think about postage costs!

#9   Asking your wedding stationer to copy someone else's design
ACK! ACK! ACK!!!! No! No! No! This is so wrong! While I am fine of couples come with pictures of something they found in a magazine or (again) on Pinterest, I'm assuming that the couple are showing me it for inspiration. If you want something copied and your wedding stationer agrees, question the honesty and integrity of that supplier! The reason? IT'S COPYRIGHT! And as such it's BREAKING THE LAW and LIABLE so some pretty hefty fines! And we are talking THOUSANDS HERE! 
I have a sign in the studio, which says:
"Please do NOT ask me to copy someone else's idea as refusal often offends!" 
Go to and use the stationer whose work appeals to YOU! If you like their style and ideas then ...  buy from them. 

#10   Assuming that because a website is a URL your invitations are being sent from the UK 

This is a real biggie for me and one that really gets me mad! There are companies out there, usually but not always based in China. You look at the URL... .... But do a company check and you'll find its NOT UK based. Their goods are shoddy, their service is slow (if in fact they turn up at all) and their website can be closed in a flash! 

Don't be caught out! One of the very first Brides I dealt with ordered stationery.... they took weeks to arrive, the special pen enclosed in her order to write on the awful super glossy card had leaked all over the box and to cap it all? They weren't even in ENGLISH! 

Complaining to the company was pointless as they requited a full return of the items and postage would have been a fortune. Be VERY careful if ordering stationery on the Internet. Far better to order from someone local, meet with them in person and get 100% attention to detail over your wedding.Check the company out thoroughly 

AND, by shopping local you are supporting 
a small, dedicated business, 
who will be grateful for your support. 

I hope you've found this article useful. Please feel free to share it using the links below.
If you have any other hints and tips about ordering wedding invitations or any other aspect of wedding planning, please leave a comment..... because we believe... sharing is caring! 

Love Sue xox

Article and photos (c) Sue Simpson - Inspired by Script
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