Monday 24 September 2012

Purple and Fuchsia Pink wedding Post Box.

Purple and Fuchsia Pink wedding Post Box.
I'm increasingly getting asked to make Wedding Stationery
and accessories in two tone colours. 

Purple goes well with Lime Green, Silver
and as in the picture below  Fuchsia  Pink.

Purple and Pink Post box copy

Purple on it's own can look a little cold. 
Introducing a second colour can lift it no end.

Pink and Purple Post Box detail copy

Brides are getting braver. Everyone's looking for something a little different. Colour clash is definitely the 'In Thing' for 2013, some brides are using this for 2012.

What's you colour scheme?

Our wedding Post Boxes are available mail order. Contact me at or visit our dedicated website

Monday 17 September 2012

Rainbow Coloured Butterfly Wedding Post Box

To add to my portfolio of
It give me great pleasure to share with you this
Rainbow Post Box!

Rainbow Post Box Detail copy
Multi-coloured butterflies 
in rainbow colours,
fly all over and around the box.

Rainbow Post Box copy
Of course..... we make boxes in any colour under the sun (well almost) You can buy these from our website link here.

We'll do our very best to match your colour theme... but if you are in any doubt.... email us at first, to make sure :-)

Friday 14 September 2012

Hot Stuff! Red Orange and Yellow Wedding Post Box, Perfect for Summer or Autumn weddings,

Hot Stuff! Red Orange and Yellow Wedding Post Box
Perfect for Summer or Autumn weddings,
For Autumn weddings add a little Brown :-)

red, Orange and Yellow Post box detail copy

Available in any colour conbination

Red, Orange and Yellow Post Box copy

You can order direct from 

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Lemon Coloured Wedding Post Box

Here's the Lemon Wedding Post Box I made to go with Keely and Philis 

vory box and Lemon Butterflies decorate the front

And Lemon ribbon to finish it off.

I've some more Wedding Post Boxes to show you in the next few posts.
All these can be made to order by contacting me at

Ok...  I'm at a Wedding Fair tomorrow... So I'd better get a shift on! 

Monday 10 September 2012

Unusual Guest Book - Envelope Guest Book made to order!

Unusual Guest Book - Envelope Guest Book made to order!

As I've said before.... some of my best ideas are not mine... in fact, they come from my customers, who request something a little different. Keely rang me and asked if I could make an envelope pocket guest book.... which she could not find for sale ANYWHERE in the UK. I must admit, I searched around and I couldn't find one either! The only reference to these books was on a Martha Stewart Wedding website.

The concept was easy enough, I just made a Japanese Bound book the same way I make Guest Books, wedding Albums and Honeymoon Albums.......

You do however have to make the spine, twice as thick as the inside pages, so that when the envelopes and cards are glued inside, the front of the book doesn't splay open.

 The request was for the book to be made in Ivory, Lemon and Gold.... oh and with Butterflies on....

 With the right colours, the hot foil can look stunning!

 Although the envelopes are quite small (as envelopes go)
 adding 6 to a page makes the book rather large.
The overall size of the book is around 30cm x 49cm.

 This book contained 60 envelopes....
enough for 120 guests and I made little cards
 to fit inside each one.

And I've made a sign to help the guests along...

As I'm more your bright and gaudy colour lover, I really wasn't sure how this would look when it was finished.... but to be honest... I think it made a refreshing change! It's clean and fresh and quite an alternative idea to the 'normal', run of the mill guest books I get asked to do.

I'm looking forward to making more :-)
Watch  my website for updates:

Monday 3 September 2012

Red Themed Personalised wedding Invitations

Red Themed Personalised wedding Invitations
We had a red themed day on one of the popular Wedding Pages that I am a member of on Facebook,
here's a quick little gallery and
show and share of some of the red themed 
stationery I have made....

First.... the Baroque Invitation

Then the Wishing Tree and Butterfly....

A personalised red foiled card with matching ribbon....

The Triple Heart Invitation....

My Filigree Heart Design....

And my VERY NEWEST, Tumbling Leaves Design

This is a red version of an original 
that was made in Hot Pink!

And my every popular Butterfly Invitation....

Just some of the designs available from North Yorkshire Weddings. Of course, designs can be adapted and foil colours can be chosen from over 15 different colours.

We had a great time sharing all our wonderful Red Themed wedding bits and bobs.... And I was fortunate enough to get featured too!....

 we certainly are a creative bunch!
To see more of my wedding Invitations and Personalised Stationery and Gifts....
visit the website http;//
or if you have any special request, email me at 

Saturday 1 September 2012

Personalised Birthday Card for a little girl - Ambers 6th Birthday!

Personalised Birthday Card for a little gir!

It was my little niece, Ambers 6th Birthday

She's a very pink Princess kind of girl.
I always find it pretty hard to design and make cards for kids...
Oh and men too! 

A simple concertina style card, folded out to reveal her name AMBER in cut out letters. Then decorated with sparkly, diamonds and hot pink and purple butterflies.

She rang me tonight to thank me for her card and tell me....
"It's the nicest card I've ever received"

What a compliment :-)
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