Thursday 29 January 2015

Proof checking your Wedding Invitations and Stationery, what to look for and how to avoid costly mistakes

At Inspired by Script, we can't stress enough the importance of checking, double checking and triple checking your proofs.

As it's not our Wedding and we don't know all the details we cannot do this for you.

Most companies will correct any mistakes you've supplied absolutely FREE OF CHARGE...However, if the mistakes are noticed AFTER printing has been done it can be costly!

As companies cannot use this Stationery anywhere else, it's up to you, the Bride and Groom to pick up the bill! Therefore paying TWICE for your invitations!

To avoid this, we've put together a check-list to help you avoid this expensive mistake.

Avoid triple checking at your peril!

Monday 26 January 2015

Getting through the minefield of Wedding Invitations & Stationery, while still keeping your sanity!

So, you've booked a date for the big day and there's tons to think about! It's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused, especially as you've never done this before right?

Don't worry! I've composed this Wedding Stationery Check List, to help you decide what you need, what's important, what's not and what is right for you depending on your budget and the type of Wedding you have planned.

Don't forget: ALL our help and advice is FREE and we are only too happy to offer help and advice to any Bride who needs it. CALL 01609 776 866 during opening hours.

I composed this list to give out to my visiting Brides both at the Studio and at Wedding Fairs.

NOTE TO READERS: If you find this list useful, whether you are a Bride to be or a fellow Wedding Business supplier, please feel free to share via Facebook, tweet, blog or any other means. Sharing is caring :-)

Ok... let's get down to that list!


Of course.... these are a MUST. Remember when ordering to order 1 per couple or family!
This may sound like common sense, but it's amazing how many couples come to me for their stationery and ask for one per person :-)

If you are having a simple buffet, there is no need for a seating plan and if you want people to mingle, this sign is a great idea!  

However.... whether this would work in 'real life' is anyones guess I feel :-)

HOT TIP  if you are having problems working out your seating plan This post has a great idea using Post It Notes!STEPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL SEATING PLAN 

As a trained Calligrapher with over 25 years experience, this is one of the most pleasurable jobs I get to do. I find it calming and relaxing and dare I say it NON TAXING and almost meditative :-) People LOVE to see their names written in beautiful calligraphy. You can always of course print them on the computer, but the effect is never quite the same :-)


These are a modern day phenomena. I'm not dismissing anyone who wants to send these out, but unless your Wedding is going to be abroad and people need plenty of notice to save up to come to your destination wedding, I really don't see the point. Save the dates are sent out to inform the guests that a date has been set but not where or what time and from my experience they are sent out over a year in advance.

If any Bride reading this has sent out SAVE THE DAY CARDS, would you share with me why you did? I'd love to know :-)

Most Brides I have worked with this year so far have chosen to add RSVP cards to their orders. I think this is a fab idea as it (hopefully) promotes a quick response. All the people invited to the Wedding have to do is check a box and post back.... simple :-)
Money not gifts request card

This is a personal choice thing and definitely not necessary as the menu is already set. BUT if you want your menu's to help create a look and a feel and blend with the centre table decoration, they can enhance to 'look'.

Order of Service are more common for couples who are having a Church Wedding. These also make lovely keepsakes of the couples choice of Hymns and Prayers.

To be honest, I'd never even heard of a WEDDING POST BOX 2 years ago and was more than a little perplexed by why people would even want one. Then I read a post which mentioned that as the majority of couples already living together first these day, many of the cards contained money..... fair comment.... but then I read on some forums that it's more than a little common for these cards to go missing and even (horror of horrors) STOLEN, while the Bridal Party were out having their photos taken!

I was asked by a Bride if I could make one.... and the rest as they say is history!
I would advice that if you don't have a Wedding Post Box (and you can make your own if you are on a tight budget) that you at least prepare somewhere safe to put your cards.

The Guest Book is pretty self explanatory. I've always found guest books, whether used for a Wedding, Birthday or other special occasion a bit of a pain in the bum. Guests get distracted, feel that the big white page is too intimidating and very often someone has to have the responsibility of personally going round and asking people to sign it and make sure it's passed along and kept moving.

Far better, in my opinion is the Wishing Tree and tag idea. People find the idea of writing on a little card and then tying it to some branches or a Wishing Tree somehow a bit magical and are far more likely to do this than sign a book. Afterwards the tags can be taken off and stored in a box.

Thank You Cards 

for your guests.... but don't forget the Chief Bridesmaid, Bridesmaids and Flower Girls, Best Man, Ushers and Page Boys too!

Don't forget.....
If you need any help or advice 
regarding your Wedding Stationery

or phone the studio on 01609 776 866
We're always happy to give advice :-)

(c) Sue Simpson x

Tuesday 20 January 2015

And behold I make all things new. Well not quite new... but definitely less chaotic!

It was a mad run up to Christmas at Inspired by Script. Normally it quietens down a little before the holidays, but I've come to realise that with the Wedding Industry it's more likely to be a mad dash to get your stationery ordered before the studio shuts it's doors for Christmas. This year was no exception. Can you believe I even took my first order for 2016! (more of that later).

Because we take such little time off during the year, due to the type of industry I now find myself in, the only time to have a good hard think about the business and the way it works is during that 2 week window... so when I say "I'm shutting shop for 2 weeks" we invariably find we somehow end up there at some point. 

The studio has gone through many changes in the 15 years that I have been there. I started this life offering Calligraphy & Lettering Art services, but to be frank, it was tough. People just didn't understand how many hours were involved in creating something hand written. I mean, if you can hand write a small note to a friend in 10 minutes or so, how in the world can it take you 2 or 3 hours? It's because people didn't understand the years of training to actually be able to write in that way, that they almost fell over when you quoted a price. Hand lettering was in demand... but usually to write the deaths of young soldiers in memorial books for the M.O.D. (a very depressing job indeed!).

  I have to say... it feels very strange to see photos of what the shop used to look like....

And the work I used to do seems a very long way away......

Anyway... fast forwarding to more cheerful stuff. The wedding side of things was a leap of faith. I wasn't convinced anyone would pay for bespoke, made to order and created especially for them, invitations and stationery... how absolutely WRONG can anyone be! I'm not going to lie and say it was easy... there were many hours getting to grips with a lot of things.. Facebook, web analytics, Twitter and Pinterest... and these ways of marketing you have to understand and keep well on top of as they change on an almost weekly basis..... and did I mention how time consuming they are??? Time that takes away creating and designing time. Eating away into your day but non the less necessary for today's modern day Bride & Grooms. Also known as... 'The Young Ones' :-)

My first display stand for the cards wasn't really very practical... and it gave way to perspex ... which soon outgrew itself..... more ideas than space I'm afraid. 

And in my higher wisdom I invested yet more money on these cardboard point of sale stands

But finding anything quickly became an impossible task. 

With so many ideas the shop could quickly
 descend into chaos during consultations

Even the display area of
'Our latest orders' was at risk....

Of course.... we don't just make Wedding Invitations,
we make anything connected to paper and Card
 that is printed or constructed.
I've been playing with paper all my life.... 
so this feeds my creative spirit  :-)

And then there's the personalised postboxes too...

 And we can't forget the table numbers and place cards or wedding favours....

It's only a little place.... trying to cram in a lot of ideas.
Fitting a quart into a pint pot springs to mind! 

So over the Christmas holidays (did someone mention holiday?) we decided to have a big rethink. And the idea of Inspiration Boards was born.

First a Butterfly themed one....

Then a Heart themed one.......

Then Ivy... which seems to be increasingly popular.....

And of course my favourite... The Wishing Tree Design
In all it's variations........ 

Because we want to give our customers the best possible experience, we are forever changing the little shop around. The 'Inspiration Boards' at least show the choices you have and variety of ways your invitation can be made: flat, Folded, Wallet or Pocket Fold. Card colour, foil colours and of course the all important Designs.

Ahhhh yes... the designs .... the many, many designs which are forever growing! Each design, because we make everything ourselves, can be changed and tweaked and there's just not enough room to display everything.... So I have succumbed to putting them all in an album. Far easier to brows and less in yer face and overwhelming than when they were on the shelf.

Of course.... we'll still have a display of our latest orders,

 and dedicated shelves for Wallet & Pocket fold Invitations

but the shelf unit at the end will be better used to display all the other little bits of ephemera.

It's very much a work in progress and I'm sure things will change as the year wears on, but I'll keep you updated with snippets of the inside of the shop, mainly for those who haven't the pleasure of actually visiting and have to rely on mail order.

The plan for this year is... the blog will change. It  will incorporate stories from the studio, sometimes informative, sometimes funny, sometimes simply sharing someone's great ideas.

I love hearing all your ideas and plans and we take an active part in the overall look of your big day.

We are not 'just another shop that sells stuff for weddings', we pride ourselves on giving 1 to 1 service which will totally compliment your wedding day.

If we can help you in any way, shape or form or you're simply looking for some friendly advice, contact us directly at the studio by

calling 01609 776 866.
Email us at 
or visit the shop at:
288a high Street, Northallerton,
 North Yorkshire, DL7 8DW

we're always happy to help :-)
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happy planing! Sue x

Monday 19 January 2015

12 Tips on how running my own business can help YOU organise your wedding and fend off the worry monster!

Well… how’s the planning going?
So you feel like you are juggling with all balls up in the air?
Does your mind go into extreme panic about all the things you have to do?
Is time running away with you?
Do you feel like you are getting nowhere fast and worry that you won’t be sorted on time?
Is the planning overwhelming?
Are you loosing sleep at night?
Do you panic when you don’t feel in control?

Hey! ME TOO!

But with these easy to follow steps I learnt through having to juggle many orders at once…. I think I may be able to help you!

Planning a Wedding is no different to making Wedding Invitations and Stationery. Sometimes you feel everything is overtaking you and it’s easy to fall into a blind panic and do nothing at all right?

OK… if this sounds like you… Read on!
If you can’t afford a Wedding Planner then you need to learn some simple tips and tricks to get you through this minefield.

Every little helps as they say.

TIP 1 Get yourself a note book. At LEAST an A5 size. This will be your companion and help clear any clutter from your head. Once it’s down on paper you can forget about forgetting it.

TIP 2: Rule each page into 3 columns: PROJECT, TIME & DUE DATE. Make a long list of all the things you need to do for your wedding. You may want to break down larger projects into smaller ones.
Then enter the time you think it will take to sort out this project and the date when it needs to be completed by. Multiply all the times it will take by 50%. Nothing EVER takes less time and we want to reduce stress.

TIP 3: On a separate page add your suppliers name and contact details. This will stop you having to remember where you found them and how to contact them in a hurry. It’s no use scrabbling around for that all important business card if you actually contacted them through facebook.

TIP  4: Break everything down into manageable tasks. The large tasks can be made into micro tasks, This way you are more likely to fit in a micro task if it will only take a small amount of your time.

TIP 5: Add your dates to a calendar. One that hangs up… so you can see it at a glance. Use highlighter on these dates if you use the calendar for other things. Make it stand out.

TIP 6: If meeting with suppliers meet with only 1 PER DAY! It’s so easy for things to over run. You really don’t need the worry that you have to leave mid consultation or you’ll be late for the next.

At Inspired by Script WE ADVISE ALL COUPLES to the studio to allow 1 hour for their first consultation. Honestly, the time flies by because there’s so much to talk about and consider.

TIP 7: Use part of your journal to write ideas down. Make a clear heading for each supplier. Collect printout photos and add hand written notes. This is great to collect your inspiration.

Or why not get a PINTEREST BOARD… this is the same idea and is a virtual pin board. We find Pinterest fantastic to connect with our couples. Make a board for every supplier you will need and they can easily go and have a look at your board, getting a real feel for your wedding.

TIP 8: BOOK EARLY! Whether it’s your photographer, florist, venue decorator or Stationer BOOK EARLY! Many of us book time slots and dates and can be booked months in advance. It’s important if you want to use certain people to book AS SOON as you have a date! That way you avoid disappointment.

TIP 9: Learn to say YES to help! I know, I know… you want to do it ALL yourself right? But people generally will only offer once. Take all the help you can get, even if it’s just an ear to bend when times get tough… and we all need one of those every once in a while  :-) 

TIP 10: Learn to say NO! This sounds easier than it actually is, but sometimes when things get on top of you, you really have to take a step back and say no. Your time is precious, peoples demands can be put on the back burner for a while. You need to concentrate on what’s important… YOU!

TIP 11: Take a day off! If you find yourself utterly overwhelmed by the whole thing… step back and take a day off from it all. Go for a walk, give yourself a good talking to and tell yourself “It’s only 1 day of the rest of your life”. Everything will work out just fine!

TIP 12: TRUST the professional. You hired that florist/photographer/venue decorator/wedding stationer… because they’ve done it all before and not wanting to sound blunt (but I will) YOU HAVEN’T! Relax! They know what they are doing. Take their advice. They know what works and why, so please when they speak.. listen. If they advise against something, it’s usually for a damn good reason. Let them do their job and that way they’ll give you their very best service. Why? Because their reputation depends on it! We want to be known for our first class service, working our socks off to make your special day “Not just another wedding”. The less you control them, the better they will do. Give them your ideas and see how they roll!!!

BONUS TIP: Make friends with your supplier. They are there to help. Whatever may be keeping you awake at night can be solved by making a call. Most of us are closet social workers you know :-) We are used to dealing with the panic and stress Brides can put on themselves.. When things get on top of you… step away and do something different. Going back to it all fresh, will make things seem a whole lot easier. Don’t get bogged down by trivial things.

REMEMBER: Everything will be alright on the night

Don't forget.... we are full of handy tips, tricks and advice. Connect with us in the way it suits you best:

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Happy planning!
Sue x 

Monday 12 January 2015

A beginners guide to commissioning and ordering Bespoke Wedding Invitations & On-the-Day Stationery from Inspired by Script.

Why we think having choices and options when it comes to  your wedding stationery is as important as having choices with  your dress, venue decoration and flowers....and what we intend to do about it. 


Hi there… I’m Sue Simpson. Owner, maker and shaker of Inspired by Script.

I’ve bee designing and making a wide variety of commissioned work since 1988. I formally trained as a professional Calligrapher and taught classes all over the UK.

My freelance work includes work for the M.O.D., Yahoo Inc.,… oh yes… and even Royalty as well as many others in both the public and private sectors.


We design, make and create, bespoke, Wedding Invitations and stationery for couples who are looking for something that little bit different.

We realise that searching for that perfect wedding stationery can be a daunting process. I mean, there’s so much to choose from and so many variations, right?

No doubt, by now, you've had a good scout around the Internet mind-boggling isn't it?  

We intend to take all the stress and pressure off your shoulders and gently guide you through the whole process. From start to finish we’ll be with you every step of the way. That’s our promise!
At Inspired by Script we offer a completely different experience, because we think to have the invitations you truly want, you need to have choices and we think it’s important that you have a say in such matters.    
We provide a design and print service which is totally bespoke to you. 

Yes of course we have stock designs and ideas, They are an important jumping off point when it comes to finding your likes and dislikes. From there we can work together to come up with something that reflects your theme choices and personality. 
In short we Work with couples who dare to be different. 

Because we design and make everything ourselves, we can carry a design or theme right the way through. We offer everything from the Save the Date cards…. Right through to the Thank you cards and all the lovely stuff in between that makes your Wedding stand out from the crowd.

Your ideas are our inspiration.


In particular we connect best with couples who are creative, enthusiastic and inspired to have a wedding with a difference. We love hearing all your ideas and helping you put them into practice.

Our couples want something different to the ordinary, run of the mill and off the shelf deigns currently available on the internet.

They also understand and appreciate the importance of buying from someone they can trust and meet face to face and form a bond.

Our couples are not willing to compromise when it comes to something as important as their invitations and stationery and realise it sets the scene and becomes an integral part of the whole look of their wedding… not just an after thought.

They like being adventurous and different.

They prefer to support small businesses, knowing that they will get far better and  a much more personal service.

Our couples are open to suggestions to make designs and ideas work.

They trust our experience when it comes to design choices and layout and like working together so that they have some input into the design process… even if it’s just the card and foil colour.

They appreciate that their stationery is all hand made and not just thrown off a production line.

They want to be a name… not just an order number. 

They see choosing their Invitations and Stationery as important as choosing their Wedding dresses and suits, wedding flowers and table decorations.

They care and have the vision of how they want it all to look on their ‘Big Day’.


One-to-one, personal service, from the person who is actually making your invitations. From the initial consultations through to you leaving with the seating plan… it’s ME who is responsible for the whole lot. 

To us… you are a name, not a number!

Totally unique Wedding Invitations designed by US for YOU!

A FREE consultation so we can fully understand your ideas and produce items exactly the way you want them.

Stationery that is designed, printed and finished ‘in-house’ by us, here in Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

We are committed to offering you the best service possible and want you to be happy… because if you are happy WE are happy.

We have a walk in shop and studio…. Yes real bricks and mortar that is open to the public. We have tons more ideas in the shop than on the website, so if you can call in person, we’d strongly advise you to.

We give you time…. To consider all options. There’s no panic here and we’re always ready to pop the kettle on for you. I’ve been told the coffee is good. 


If you choose Inspired by Script to make your wedding stationery… our friendship will, no doubt, be a long one.

From Invitations to On-the-Day stationery, we are very often one of the first and last people you deal with regarding your wedding day… and we just LOVE being a part of it.

In order to give you the best possible experience it’s important that we gat to know YOU!


During the consultation here’s some of the questions you’ll need to think about… this helps us build up a picture of what you are looking for.

 What is your theme? What type of wedding are you having? Formal, Informal, Church, Venue, Country, Vintage, Classic, Fun, Quirky.

Pocket Fold, Folded, Gatefold, Flat?

Do you need information cards? Travel and accommodation details? R.S.V.P. Cards?

Card Colour:
Ivory or White?

We can help and advise you on this… but of course you can choose your own.

Foiled or Laser Printed?

Choose from one of the many we have on show… or have one adapted or totally bespoke to you. Have you an idea that you just LOVE but can’t find anywhere else? Run it by us… we’ll see what we can do.

many times I’ve stopped couples ordering too many… or even worse… not enough. 
You'll need 1 invitation per family! 
But remember: Please order extras at the time of placing your order as the minimum print run is 20, so adding those extra couple can be costly.

We are here to answer any questions and solve any problems you have come across when choosing wedding invitations. It’s our job and what we do best.


Once you’ve decided on the elements above I’ll give you a price based on the choices you’ve made and the information provided.
Once agreed you can place a firm order.

Prices vary depending on your choice or materials, format and the time taken to create them.

Deposit & Proofs:
On payment of a 50% deposit, which books you a production slot and secures your order, we’ll work up a proof.

The deposit is payment for the design to proof stage and covers 1 set of changes before going to print.

It’s important that you check, re-check and check again for any spelling or grammatical errors as changes after the free change will be charged on an hourly basis. Mistakes don’t happen very often, but mistakes after printing has been commenced can mean unusable stationery and a costly mistake to you.

PLEASE NOTE: We are pretty busy most of the year and samples of finished and personalised items specific to you are not possible. We are however, happy to give you a sample of our card quality and foiling, but this won’t necessarily be in the design or colour foil of your choice. As all our work is bespoke, it’s just not possible.

Turnaround time:
We will then give you an estimated finishing time, depending on how busy we are and whether we need to order stock for your fully personalised stationery. Make sure you order your stationery in good time…. Timescales vary depending on the time of year and we hate to keep you waiting.

As everything you order is made in-house by us, taimescales vary depending on workload. We can only book your order in, once you’ve committed to an order and made any changes to your proofs. We’ll give you a better indication at the time.

The balance of your invoice is payable before delivery if being sent by post or on collection.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep costs down and pass this saving onto you, our client, we do not have card facilities at the studio. Payment is by BACS transfer prior to collection or in cash if collecting in person. Payment by Paypal can be arranged but there will be a 6% charge to cover Paypal costs.

Please pre arrange. If paying by check, funds must be cleared before finished items leave the studio.


* Book a consultation by telephoning 01609 776 866
or drop in to the shop at
288a High Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 8DW

Opening times: Tuesday – Saturday 10.30am – 4.30pm

Make your choices

We’ll give you a price

Pay 50% deposit

We’ll work up your proofs

Proof check items and make any changes

We’ll give you an estimated finishing date

·       PLEASE NOTE: As we are a walk in shop, we cannot guarantee no-one else will call in during opening hours. We’d prefer not to lock the door

^^^ That’s it in a nutshell ^^^

Book your consultation today
on 01609 776 866


We will book a slot 6 weeks prior to your wedding for Seating Plans, Post Boxes, Place Cards, Favour Tags or any other on-the-day items. We need to do this as it’s important to us that we offer a full and complete service and during certain times of the year, it can get a little bit hectic. We’d hate to let you down. Please make us aware if you will need on-the-day items when ordering your invitations.


If you have already had your invitations made by us we will have pre booked you in and reserved a slot for you. However, those wishing to just have their on-the-day items made by us are advised to contact us first as it’s not always possible to fit everyone in.

We are very aware that on-the-day stationery such as seating plans are very much a last minute task. We therefore need your lists, sent to us by email and typed in the body of the email, NO LATER than 4 WEEKS BEFORE your wedding if collecting in person or no later than 6WEEKS BEFORE if ordering by post. Sooner if possible,

I hope the above has answered your questions, but if

hasn’t, please get in touch. We’re only a phone call away.

Sue x

Working together we make a great team!

But don’t take our word for it… here’s what some of the wonderful couples I’ve worked with have had to say

Victoria 5* Excellent!  Sue is a very talented Lady and really puts so much pride and effort into all of her work. She is full of ideas and is willing to help and give lots of advice.
It has been such a pleasure sue.

Jan H – 5* Inspired by Script does stationery created by a true designer with great experience in the wedding field. You can't go wrong here!

Claire 5 * Excellent work and full of unique ideas x highly recommended x

Kelly 5 * Amazingly talented x x

Maria & Gavin 5*  I would not go anywhere else. For time, patience, knowledge, experience but most of all quality Sue is the very best of the best !!!!

Sandra A 5* friendly down to earth, would highly recommend sue x

Anna 5* service! Sue made the perfect 18th invites for me, would definitely recommend her & I would definitely use her again :) x

Samantha & Steven – 5* Highly recommend, I wont have anyone else do my stationery :)

Monday 5 January 2015

Looking back.... looking forward.


First off.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And congratulations to all you lovely Brides to be who are getting married this year.

December is usually a quieter time for me. Weddings are almost done and apart from a few, the couples getting married in 2015 usually leave it till January to get in touch.

2014 was an exception to the rule and I had 3 brides who were tying the knot with a winter themed wedding. As I close for Christmas around the 20th you can imagine it was all hands on deck and my feet never touched the floor :-) It felt at times chaotic... but we got there in the end.

It wasn't my intention to go into making wedding stationery full time and no longer offer the bespoke calligraphy service that I had been doing as a main source of income for the 20 years prior to the last 3, but with the purchase of a foiling machine, cutters, folding machine and you lovely couples coming to me thick and fast... well ... you have to be flexible in business and go with the flow. And thanks to you all, I had the best year ever.

Before this, business was at times a struggle and at best it was slow and steady, but memorial books and writing out the names of dead soldiers, some no older than boys, takes it's toll and to be honest I found it at times depressing and heartbreaking. I'm much happier joining in with more joyful  occasions.

I had little belief that there was a real market for hand made, made to order Wedding Invitations and Stationery... but you've proved me wrong and for that I am so very, very, grateful.

Being a part of the couples day is rewarding. After the venue and the date is booked, I'm very often the first and last supplier a couple has contact with. From the initial Save-the-Date or Invitation cards... right through to the seating pans, place cards, post boxes and a wide variety of other interesting things you get me to make, which can literally be collected just a few days before the big day!. Our relationship is a long one :-)

Your ideas feed my creativity and what a year we had! And as the year moved on... the ideas became braver and much more creative. I'm excited that couples are thinking more about the whole picture and not just the flowers and dress. All thanks to Pinterest i'm sure! Themed weddings are always the best to work with... besides we have so much fun coming up with ideas together. It's a joint collaboration.
I'll be totally honest with you... I've had a ball!

So... thank you to all you lovely couples that came to Inspired by Script last year... whether on foot or by phone. It was an amazing year and I hope it continues.

If anything... the only regret I had last year is that I was so busy my blogging went down the pan! And I didn't keep everything up to date! Facebook is quicker for the micro blogging world and so I tended to use that instead. So while I love writing articles and although I am starting the year with good intentions, it may go belly up again. So make sure you 'LIKE' us on FACEBOOK


In my diary... I already have 6 couples getting married this year and 1 in 2016! And I haven't even opened the doors yet :-)  This year looks like it will be busier than ever!

Blue is the colour and polka dots and chevrons and camper vans and country weddings are afoot!
And I'm sure my lovely couples will have some great, new ideas of their own.

As well as looking forward to working with new ideas and themes, inspiration comes thick and fast when you have a couple of weeks off!

I'm hoping I'll get time to share more on my Blog this year... even if I can only manage micro blogs at my busiest times.

I'm also hoping to offer alternatives, aimed at the DIY Bride. I love creative people and sometimes Brides are reluctant to mention that they want to make their own. Hey I have taught at a variety of workshops on all manner of creative crafts and well before I taught Calligraphy too. So don't be shy. We can also supply materials for you to make your own!.... if for whatever reason you are stuck... come and see me. If I can help... I will!

We're also hoping to offer some downloadable designs. These designs will be fully personalised and after payment, all you will have to do is download and print. It's that simple! I supply the design, you supply the card, envelopes, download, print and cut... any amount you need.

We are also planning on making some videos to help the DIY Bride, so make sure you follow us! More on this later!


I love and need the interaction from the people who read this blog. So I need your help!
Can you help with any of the following?

  • Would you like to feature on this blog?  I'm looking for couples who want to share their happy day, including perhaps the planning, the issues they had and right through to the final day. REAL WEDDINGS inspire others. They help others get through that all important PLANNING thing! Do you fancy being featured? 
  • Are you a supplier? Would you like to write an article telling the lovely couples who read my blog all about what you do, why you do it and perhaps offer planning hlep to them?
  • COUPLES what is your most pressing question or difficulty regarding the planning of your wedding? do you need help or advice... perhaps from others who read this blog? A problem shared is a problem halved. 
Depending on demand... I intent to get on board some of the local suppliers to talk about what they do.

I want to help inspire YOU with the massive amount of ideas floating round the net at the moment.

Of course I'll be sharing all my new ideas via the blog too as well as getting up close and personal with the studio.

And there will be competitions... and giveaways..... and draws..... and discounts! 
So... whether you are a couple or a business who wants to be featured or just need help or advice... email me (Sue at and let's make this happen! 

Alternatively Leave a message on my Facebook page or send me a pm if you want to stay private :-)

Or just leave a comment under this post. I promise I'll get back to you.
Come on everyone... Let's make 2015 a year to connect!

By the way.... If you like this post please feel free to share with others... Sharing is caring! :-)

Sue x
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