Wednesday 25 May 2011

New Gallery Sign

Well, I just HAD to have a go at cutting Vinyl! Sometimes I am hard to find.... my address is 288a High Street....but I am actually on the High Street, at the far end to be honest and down a wide alleyway.I often need to run out and direct my customers in especially if they are new or unfamiliar to the area.

I already have a large sign up outside my studio, but needed one at the end of the wall closest to the passing, potential, customers.
I love the contrast of white on black. Still easy to read but far more eye catching and striking, don't you think?

Although the word Gallery is easily seen I still thought it needed a bit of explanation as I didn't want people thinking I just sold Art and usually the word Gallery conjures up highly expensive pieces for the wall that only the well off can afford. My Art and work does not break the bank!

SO, still obsessed with those overlapping letters I made a simple arrangement of Art, Crafts and Gifts to go on the end. The grouped letters will slow people down a bit so they can work out what it says and hopefully guide them down the alley way or at least find me when they need my services.

And here it is in place. Using an already existing sign I had no need for planning permission which helped greatly.


  1. A wonderful and creative gallery. A must see for all. Great works of Calligraphy, Art, Jewellery and all handmade. Wow amazing. :o)


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