Wednesday 23 July 2014

Saying goodbye is hard to do!

I love this place... I really do, but the big being a one-man-band... (ok 2 man if you count the Fridays and Saturdays when Steve's here to help) makes it a military exercise to organise.

Brides and Grooms getting married in the week leading up to and the week after the holidays need to be sorted. They rely on me to get their 'on the day' items finished in time to be collected BEFORE the wedding... it's not much use afterwards.

Then there's another issue....being away from my creative space! All those pen, pencils, ink, card, glue, foil.... yes let's not forget the foil.... and you can bet your bottom dollar the minute I step away and close the door, the idea fairy will wave her magic wand and sprinkle a ton of inspiration dust on my head.

I'm sure only other creative's will understand how hard it is to walk away. Our art materials are our crutch... both emotional and spiritual. Being creative is both a joy and a pain. If you are away for any length of time it's like someone has chopped your arms off. Itching to do something... anything.... but not just sit and relax.

I know, I know, we're only shutting up shop for a week.... but honestly it will feel like a lifetime. I'll remind myself that no-one will die because I am not open, all orders to date have been done and any new couples will still be waiting for me on my return.

Whether it rains or shines.... we'll be having a well earned rest. 
We'' be back on Friday 1st August 
with a spring in our step and hopefully not too spaced out. 

Now..... where's that bell tent!

30 MORE Creative Ideas for Alternative Wedding Seating Plans

After writing THIS POST about 

15 Creative Ideas for 

Alternative Wedding Seating Plans

I sort of got the bug to have a look around and see what other wonderful and creative ideas people came up with... here's what I found. 

Some great ideas eh?

You can find many, many, more ideas on PINTEREST!
If you haven't joined yet... I suggest you do!

It's a great sharing platform to source ideas, share your own and generally, build up idea boards which truly represent you! Creative people and couples about to get married, especially love it! 

And so do we!
Follow us to see some great ideas!

Monday 21 July 2014

FREE - Easy Peasy way to plan your WEDDING BUDGET

I can't believe it's over a year since I wrote this! So I'm reposting for those of you who are struggling while trying to work out a budget.

If you find it useful... please SHARE on social media. There's a link just after the end of the post.... on a little bar. And please LEAVE US A COMMENT! We love hearing from you!

I deal with a regular flow of Brides and Grooms to the studio, to make and create their wedding stationery. I try to offer a service to fit ALL budgets. One thing that always amazes me is the answer to my question 

"OK.... so what's your budget?"  

At this point I usually get one of 2 answers.

1) "We haven't got one"
or 2) "We don't really know"

When probing further I realise that most couples 
have no idea where to start. 

I've promised to write this article for some time and today I feel I really MUST get round to it.... I hope it helps in some small way.

Couples would do best to see what they can afford and work from there, instead of working on what they want, costing it all out and then having to postpone their wedding when the harsh reality of EVERYTHING COSTS kicks in.

Remember: £35 a meal can sound like a bargain, but it can be a real eye opener when you times it by the number of guests you have coming!  And that's just the 'food side' of things. 

Far better to work out a final budget and work it like this, then at least you will know where to cut back if you need to and f you save money on one thing you have more to spend on another.... SIMPLES :-) 

So.... to make it easy for me to work it out for you.... lets say you have £10,000 to spend.

Reception 45% (£4.500)

Your food and beverages will eat up the largest percentage of your budget. This category includes:

  • Site fee, if applicable
  • Catering costs 
  • Bar and non-alcoholic drinks, punch, shots, etc.
  • Drinks for toasts
  • Wedding cake and sweets
*Don't forget to haggle on price here. If you don't ask, you don't get! You have nothing to loose. If you find that the cost is far more than your budget and you are determined the venue is the absolute place you want to get married and there's no way you are going to shop around for somewhere cheaper.... consider 1 of 2 things.

1) Cut down on your daytime Guest list
2) Have a late Wedding and 1 buffet evening reception 

Transportation 5% (£500)

If you are on a strict budget, this is one place you can save. Transportation should be one of the smallest percentages of your budget. This category includes the following:
  • Limousines
  • Speciality cars, etc.
If your Wedding is at a venue and you are staying there over night, there's no reason why you shouldn't get ready at the venue itself. If the venue is 50 yards down the road, it's quite a saving if you get a friend with a posh car, to add ribbons and get you to the Church on time. Do you really NEED this?

Entertainment 10% (£1000)

This category includes the following:
  • Ceremony music 
  • Evening reception buffet
  • Reception Music (DJ or band)

Flowers 10% (£1000)

Be very careful. It is easy to get "carried away" ordering the most "visual" aspect of your wedding. This category includes:
  • Ceremony - site flowers
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Wedding party flowers
  • Parent's flowers
  • Reception centrepieces and floral displays

Attire 10%  (£1000)

This is another category that is really easy to go wild on. While selecting your "gown" keep your "bottom line" in mind. This category includes:
  • Dress
  • Headpiece/veil
  • Lingerie
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes/wrap/gloves
  • Hair and makeup
  • Grooms tux or suit

Photography 10% (£1000)

Your memories will eat up another 10% of your budget. This category includes:
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Engagement portrait
  • Wedding - album package

Stationery 4% (£400)

This is another category in which you can save by choosing a simple invitation. This category includes:
  • Daytime and Evening Invitations
  • R.S.V.P and other enclosures)
  • Announcements
  • Menus
  • Order of Service
  • Guest Book or Wishing Tree Tags
  • Seating Plan
  • Wedding Post Box
  • Place Cards 
  • Thank You Cards
You can cut down a little on this budget, like having only 1 Order of Service per couple for instance. Talk to the person who is designing and making all your Invitations and On the Day stuff and negotiate a discount.
We at Inspired by Script give our customers a whopping 15% discount on our couples ' On the Day' items IF they have come to us for their Invitations. It's our way of saying a big THANK YOU for choosing us in the first place :-) 

Talk to whoever is making your Wedding Stationery
and see how they can help!

Extras 6% (£600)

This is where you put all the miscellaneous items that can really add up to BIG MONEY!! If you choose all of the little extra touches, you will go way over your allotted 6%. You need to make a choice on how important each category is to you and "borrow" percentage points from other categories which may be less important to you. Items usually needed:
  • Attendants gifts
  • Wedding gifts for each other
  • Favours
  • Wedding rings
  • Rehearsal Dinner (not usually included in budget)
  • Marriage license
  • Church/ceremony site fees
  • Officiant fees
  • Speciality linens
  • Chair covers
  • Other reception or ceremony decorations

I hope you have found this budget planner useful.
If you have, please share with your friends...
if you haven't or need to know more,
contact us... we can only improve with your help :-)

Don't forget.....

If you need any help or advice 
regarding your Wedding Stationery
or phone the studio on 01609 776 866
We're always happy to give advice :-)

(c) Sue Simpson x 

Have you any useful hints and tips on saving money? 
We'd love you to share them with us.
Leave a comment by clicking the comment box below :-) 

Ivy themed, Personalised Daytime and Evening Invitations and polite money request cards - Rebecca & Graham

Rebecca and Graham choose an Ivy Themed, 
personalised,  daytime and evening wedding invitation set
after seeing this ivy post box I made some time ago. 

I used the same ivy graphic, but added a few more....

A gate fold invitation is not the easiest to construct
and measurements must be accurate.
They chose a silver foil an hunters green ribbon.
We considered green foil but it was a bit over kill.
The silver set it off nicely. 

The design was reproduced on the flat evening invitations too
this time the couple chose an emerald green foil.

A money not gift poem completed the order. 

Rebecca and Graham chose this graphic to fit their winter wedding theme. As the wedding is close to Christmas it's tempting to go for a Holly or snowflake idea. The ivy worked beautifully as it doesn't stop them choosing other things to decorate their venue. In this case, ivy was a safe bet and it's so nice and easy on the eye. 

Don't forget... for more ideas

Monday 14 July 2014

9 ways providers of 'Personalised', 'Bespoke' Wedding Stationery companies con Brides!

Nothing angers me more than hearing that Brides (and Grooms) have been 'ripped off!'.

As a designer and maker of Wedding Stationery it angers me even more when I know that people in my own industry are doing it. What I found out both shocked and upset me!

It upset me more because they are cashing in on the most vulnerable of people, usually with a tight budget and little money to spare. I have deliberated long and hard about writing this post, but hopefully by putting words to blog post, I can at least educate couples, so they can make a conscious decision on where to buy their stationery, who to buy it from and more to the point what they are actually getting for their money!

This isn't a post about me getting you to use Inspired by Script to make your Wedding Invitations and Stationery for your big day....(although it would be nice if you did!) but more about looking into the people and companies you are going to give your hard earned cash to and avoiding expensive mistakes.

Let's start at the beginning.. I wrote this blog post  in October 2012. That was my first encounter with a Bride getting ripped off! Since then, I've made it my business to look at quite a few of the most popular Wedding Stationery websites and dig a little deeper into them.

Anyone offering a service has to also be a bit clever and savvy when it comes to marketing their goods, especially on-line. I love and admire creative people and have a fascination with design... this led me to look at companies offering Wedding Invitations and Stationery. So... here's what I found:


Most offer a personalisation service. Now... at Inspired by Script we class personalisation as fully personalised... NOT JUST THE INSIDE!
Most of these companies do little more than take a mass produced card and print an insert which is then glued (but machine and fully automated!) into the middle. The postcard style invitations are little more than a re printed card with an area where you typeface will fit into.


Really? Ummm.... no you don't! The client fills out a form which sends this to a computer and the cards are then automatically printed, boxed and sent out, without even a second glance!


There seems to be some kind of unwritten guideline when it comes to pricing. £72 for 20 seems to be industry standard somehow... hey! but hang on a minute... it says FROM £2 each! How does that work? Well it's quite simple... they ARE £2 each... providing you want 100 or more! I'm sorry... but I've never met a couple who need 100 invites... but if do... get them to get in touch with me! More likely most want 30 - 40... But hey... it's eye catching and sends their website rocketing up the search engines! Comparing prices with the real, life, stationery makers and shakers you'll easily see that actually they are charging MORE for something that's shot out of a machine than the people like ourselves at Inspired by Script are charging for goods that really are tailor made for you! In a nutshell you are paying one-of-a-kind, bespoke prices for something that's mass produced!


Well... in a way... yes they are... if you class 'made for you' meaning the inside is printed with your details and nothing more... then they are indeed. But it's not what I class as 'Made for You'.


One of the most known Wedding Stationery companies in the UK has really upset me more than any other company EVER! Mainly because their marketing make you think that you are ordering from a UK company. It quite clearly states MADE IN THE UK on their website. On digging deeper I in fact found out that the company director is actually based in America and is the director of no less than 26 other companies... and this doesn't include the ones which have been 'dissolved!' He is the director of a printing company in India... and one in China and the only part about the UK claim is... he had a UK PO BOX number and 0800 telephone number... which is answered by... someone obviously working over here with an Indian accent! Did I mention the company is also £7.5 MILLION (yes MILLION) pounds in debt? It's no worry to these companies though (and there are more), because they simply shut down their websites and trade and something else!


Absolutely NOT! web addresses can be bought by anyone an just because is has after the url means nothing! In fact... many companies based in China use this ploy as a way of fooling the client into thinking that they are in fact buying from the uk. Beware, beware! Beware!


This is another great concern for me, especially as Facebook makes no effort to trace people who have conned money out of folk by setting up facebook pages... taking a lot of money and shutting them down just as quickly... Vanished without a trace! I'm surprised by how many couples get caught out this way, but then everyone's looking for a bargain and soon to be Brides and Grooms seem to be an easy target for scammers!


I've noticed more and more how companies are only offering a form when you click their 'CONTACT US' button! Many couples are oblivious and simply fill out their details, ask their question and perhaps go back and click the BUY ME button.
If they are disappointed or there is a problem, only THEN do they go back on the website and look for a phone number and/or address! Sometimes there is no phone number or address! You may be wondering why? I certainly would be!

By the way... it's LAW that a company displays a trading address and telephone number on their website! If it's not there DON'T TOUCH THEM WITH A BARGEPOLE!


Sadly... lots of couples are looking for a bargain. There are thousands of websites selling Wedding Invitations and Stationery an unlike Inspired by Script  most do not have a walk in, bricks and mortar shop... so this one is a difficult one for me to write about.

Having a website, guarantees nothing! Anyone can make a website these days... it's easy peasy! (I know this because I help many businesses make their own website). Unlike the olden days where a website would cost you a minimum of £1,000, it's also cheap! So much so that people can easily be fooled into thinking that a website must mean you are a legitimate business and registered for tax! Not true! Many people who don't advertise their trading address or phone number, do so because it's to easy for the Inland Revenue and Customs to track them! AND what's more, because they aren't a real business... you don't have a leg to stand on if something goes wrong!

Yes... they may be able to undercut all legitimate businesses on price, due to their low overheads and tax savings... but are you willing to risk losing your hard earned cash?


Do your research BEFORE you part with any cash!

Check out the company - COMPANY CHECK is a FREE check of all Ltd. companies, their assets and liabilities, who the Directors are and how many other companies they own! WARNING! This is a real eye opener! NOTE: Unlimited companies (like ourselves) do not need to be registered.

Check out their postal address! - All companies have to display on their website their trading address... even if they work from home. Go to GOOGLE MAPS

Check they have a land line number! - OK... so this is not foolproof. Nowadays you can dial an 0800 or 0845 number and get India right? But at least check they have a land line! Mobile numbers only should be avoided like the plague. They can be disconnected at a moments notice!

Check out reviews of the company on Google! A simple search with Reviews of (followed by the company name) will throw up websites where the company is mentioned! Don't trust reviews on people websites... these can be tailor written and fake!
It's likely that smaller companies won't be reviewed as much as larger one (if at all)... but it will throw up any likely problems with the larger ones!

If you are ordering from a large Wedding Stationery company... it's likely that they are at best a printer and nothing more. You may be better to have a chat to your local printer and very often this will turn out far cheaper too! If you really don't mind spending £3.50 for a mass produced invitation, then this does not apply to you!

SHOP LOCAL! There are oodles of Wedding Invitation and Stationery makers out there. I mainly  (and prefer to) work with couples from North Yorkshire, Cleveland, County Durham and Cumbria... why? Because not only is it easier to meet my couples and get a handle on what exactly they want, but it also gives my couples confidence that I am not here today gone tomorrow.
Shopping local usually means you can get something extra special to suit your needs, dreams and ideas. It also means you are actually treated as a person, not just someone with an open purse! Many of us work long hours and are fighting a battle against the big boys, we make smaller profits and appreciate the fact you are spending your money with us.

Would you rather be a one-click-to-buy Bride, where you don't actually count?
or do you want the company you choose to be as much a part of your day as your wedding florist or photographer?

Would you prefer to help support a small business... or line the pockets of some large corporation?

Do you think that Wedding Invitations and Stationery are not important and are just disposable pieces of card? I can tell you from experience they are not... many of our clients tell us that their guests actually keep them as a keepsake memento of their special day.

By shopping local and using a small company you can be sure that you get the very best of service, meet the person who makes it and most of all, get someone who is dedicated to making your Invitations and Stationery stand out and be as original as you are.

At the end of the day... the choice is yours but at least be informed and aware of what you are buying and who you are buying from.

If you are worried or concerned about a company or you are having problems with one, contact your local trading standards office for advice.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Butterly Inspired Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Butterflies are still very popular when it comes to Weddings. I was strolling through some old blog posts and came across this. from way back in August 2012.. so I thought I'd re-share it for those who need a bit of inspiration :-)

Hot Pink, Wedding Stationery 
and Accessories for 
Karen and Richard

Very often there are 2 parts to every wedding order.
The first part is the Daytime and Evening Invitations,
Save the Date Cards and RSVP.

Once the numbers have been gathered in, it's easier to order the right amount of 'On the Day Items.

Here we have 80 hot pink 
wedding wishing tree butterfly tags

And of course the wishing tree sign

Hot Pink foiled table numbers
again with butterflies

8 Butterfly Menus.... 1 for each table

And a beautiful Hot Pink 
Butterfly themed Wedding Post Box

And a close up of the front

The punched out butterflies all had a little diamante,
adding that extra glitz and sparkle.

There's still the Seating Plan and place cards to make,
once the final confirmations of names have been received
and the list checked for any spelling errors.

I loved making up this order
as there was no restrictions  on how I went about it.
The brief was:

Hot Pink,
and NO
 there can't be too many of them,
and do it however you like!

Great stuff.... that means I can go to town 
and give it my all.... and I think it shows! 

And finally the following HOT PINK Wedding Seating Plan
and Butterfly Place cards, complete the Wedding Stationery order of Karen and Richard.

The seating plan consists of 9 tables.
The top table is at the centre top
for visual purposes.....

And here's the detail of the Bride and Grooms
names as the header. All foiled in beautiful Hot Pin and decorated with butterflies.

Karen gave me free reign, with her parting shot being... "Oh do what you want.... you're the expert".  I took that to mean,
I could go crazy with diamante and I did!

I printed hot pink butterflies n the place cards
to match all the other stationery here and then mixed 
a wonderful fuchsia pink for the lettering of 80 place cards.

And the whole thing looks fab! I've been told I can have a picture of the table when it is set up. It's always nice to see the finished look when it's put in situ with the table centre pieces and decorations, but sadly we are not very often there at the wedding to actually take photos.

Still looking for inspiration? 

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Nature, Vintage Themed Wedding Stationery at Inspired by Script

Ohhhhh how exciting! I have so much to tell you all....
 but first off... look what arrived today..... 

Some lovely natural and manilla coloured card! 
All ready for my new Natural Wedding Collection!

Think earth... and pine cones and a touch of lace 

And little buttons

And green leaves, with manilla envelopes

In fact.... you think it.... we'll create it.

Your ideas are our inspiration!

A touch of Vintage...

or Country Style....

Romantic hearts.....

Greens.... Browns.... and tan.


Script lettering.....

Twigs and branches...

Tea parties.....

Old style printing....

Butterflies and bees...

Straw hats and Summer Sunshine...

What else springs to mind?

Whatever your theme, be it classic, traditional, vintage or country.... we have something for everyone.

If you are local... pop into the shop at
288a High Street, NBorthallerton, North Yorkshire DL7 8DW

If you love some distance away, we are still happy to work with you
call Sue on 01609 776 866
During opening hours
Tuesday - Saturday
1-.3-am - 4.30pm

Remember... we have lots more ideas on pur 
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