Friday 31 December 2010

The Queens Royal Lancers Memorial Book

As a Calligrapher and Lettering Artist, commissions come in all shapes and sizes....
Of all the jobs I find most difficult, it's the addition of entries in memorial books. I just cannot seem to emotionally detach myself from the young men (and sometimes women, but never the less young, waste of life.

This memorial book has entries originally entered by Anthony Wood, a Calligrapher and superb Heraldic Artist, I have admired for most of my training days.

The entries start with Gilded Surnames, Christian names in Scarlet Lake and the rest of the entry in Black. The book is bound in leather covered wood and the pages are Vellum...

The cover is Gold Foil Blocked and all the pages are gilded in finest Gold Leaf.

Sadly Anthony suffered a stroke 2 years ago and is now unable to add more entries. Reminding us that life is precious and health cannot be taken for granted.

Friday 10 December 2010

Hand Lettered Labels and Tags

As I've said a gazzillion times before...I 'LOVE' making personalised...

I was asked to design and make some swing tickets and sticky labels for a knitter. There was no brief apart from the wording.....and she was overwhelmed by them. There's something really special about seeing your name in Calligraphy!

If you are interested in having your own labels and/or swing tickets me via my contact link at the top of the page. And remember to click on the photos to enlarge :o)

Lettering on Ceramic

I've been asked by a Bride -To-Be to do a novel 'Favour' gift idea. She wants to put a kinder egg on each table and at first we thought of burning the names on wooden egg cups. This proved to be a novel idea but I was not happy with the results.

Then we came up with ceramic paints and as I had not lettered with these before, thought I would do a trial run on larger objects....hence the Mugs.....
Lettering on ceramic is difficult for me as I, being Left Handed, press hard with a nib and like some sort of 'Tooth' to the paper. It takes some practice, but once in the swing, it gets easier.
We've chosen a Non-Formal Lettering style for the Egg Cups as this adds to their quirkiness.
After wriiting on them the ceramic is fired making them heat resistant and dishwasher proof.

13 down, only another 137 to go!

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Personalised Baby Gifts - Birth Poster

These Baby Birth Personalised Prints are unique
and make a great idea for the New Arrival.

In my post about Personalised Baby Gifts I didn't mention the wording that is on the respective posters, and they really are quite beautiful, so here they are:

Baby Girl Print

Let no-one hurry her.

Give her the rare incomparable gift of time.

Give her rainbows, days to dream, Dragonfly days, where the kingfisher suddenly opens a window on wonder.

Let her meander, lark happy, through childhood, by fern curled streams.

Give her Cuckoo days and the owls cry by night.

Give her a nest full of sky-blue promises.

Let her keep her dreams so she may always turn her face to the light.

Teach her to be gentle with animals and come to terms with time.

Scoop up the sounding ocean for her in a shell.

Let her riches be remembered.

Happy days.

Live merrily, love well.

Baby Boy Print

Let him grow gently.

Give him diamond bright days.

Dream days, where time stands still.

Days of laughter, Happy days.

Magical glittering days.

Show him the radiance in a dewdrop, trembling on a petal, the sun warmed daisy in sacred places.

Give him sunlight and rainbows and starlight and moonbeams.

Touch him with the gentle breezes, and the sparkling sea tossed spray.

Let him be unhurried.

Share with him the speckled trout, the laden Honey Bee, the fleeting Vixen and darting Wren.

Show him your small daily miracles.

And the calm sweetness of a sun dappled glade.

The poems were originally written for Grand-children and titled Prayer For a Granddaughter, Prayer for a Grandson respectively, but I think you will agree they would be great sent from anyone and contain a wealth of wishes within their sentiments.

The Prints are personalised to order and are available either

a) On their own £12.50

b) Mounted £15.00

c) Mounted and framed £45

All prices are exclusive of P&P.

Email me for details

Or telephone 01609 776 866 or 07816 537 275

Friday 19 November 2010

Stylistix Calligraphic Logo Design

Probably;y one of the most satisfying and rewarding, but also challenging commissions we have to do as Lettering Artists is Logo Design. The Logo has to work on a variety of media and the Designer has to think in advance. Think that is of what the Logo will be used for in the future as well as the present. It has to work at both large and small scale.

This particular Logo was designed some years ago for a hairdresser. The first job was for Appointment Cards......

Recently I have been asked to design their Gift time for Christmas....

These were 3 fold leaflets which also folded out to be the card. And a couple of posters for inside the shop.

The Logo was used for not only the front fascia board, but the opaque window decal too. As you can see it works perfectly. The Logo was stretched slightly to avoid large gaps at the end but still in keeping with the original idea.
Definitely a job I was most happy with.

I think you'll agree that Calligraphy and Hand Lettering, gives a certain edge to the Logo Design as opposed to Typeface and Fonts. A lot more appealing and eye catching.
If you would like to have a Logo Designed, please email me at
or contact me via my contacts page on my website or by simply CLICKING HERE

Thursday 18 November 2010

Personalised Baby Gifts

Of the many personalised gift ideas, Baby Birth Certificates are by far the most popular. These are available in Pink for the Girls and Blue for the boys. Names, Date and weight of the baby are added by hand and the decoration is also hand finished, making a truly inspirational and unique gift. They are available from as little as £12.50 unmounted, but can also be supplied mounted and framed for £45. As always contact me at for further details or telephone 01609 776 866 (Between 10am and 4pm) or 07816 537 275 out of hours.

A visit to the studio will reveal many other ideas to help celebrate the New Arrival. We have guest Books, Baby's First Visitor Books, Mantragrams (c) Pocket Books, Cards and Albums.
The only limit is your imagination. We love working with our clients to offer a personal service and produce gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

Personalised Concertina Book - Gift Ideas

Of the many commissions I get to make at the studio, concertina books and cards are probably my favourite. These can take into account the recipients favourite colours and themed to suit the individual. At £7.50 each they are suitable as a gift as well as a card.

This particular card was written in Brown and Gold....

As the birthday was in Autumn it seemed fitting to add some leaves.....and a Gold Ribbon compliments the writing on the inside beautifully.

To order a card for that special person, email me at:

Monday 1 November 2010

Logo Design For Small Businesses

Starting any new business can be daunting. Very often your Logo can be the last thing on your mind. It's always a pleasure to work on and develop a Logo to suit a persons personality or reflect the nature of the business and this is a huge part of your business 'Branding'.

Ideas are usually sketched out on paper with a pencil or calligraphy pen and eventually something just clicks.

The following was a rough sketch made on a scrap piece of paper while I was doodling and eating my lunch.....a 'Happy Accident' that I decided to run with. I especially liked the way the S of Steve ran off the paper.

Then there are many attempts at 'Fine Tuning' the Lettering.....This is the most time consuming part of the job......

Eventually there will be one that is just perfect......and that's the one we go with....

Although I have 'my' favourites, I am always aware that this is not my business belongs to the client and their preference is paramount. I therefore like to offer 3 choices. Enough to have a choice but not too many as it becomes confusing and overwhelming.

The client eventually settled on the one in the top right hand corner and I must admit they look superb, even though I say so myself.
If you would like more information on having your Logo designed, please contact me by emailing me at Stand out from the crowd!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Whats the difference between a Calligrapher and a Lettering Artist?

I call myself both a Calligrapher and a Lettering Artist....whats the difference? you may ask.
Most of us start out as Classically Trained Calligraphers, slavishly copying, analysing and repeating styles of the past. Professional Calligraphers specialise in Certificates, Wedding Stationery and other more 'Formal' work and commissions. This is more Craft Based.

Lettering Artists however have taken their skills to another level and have adapted their lettering giving it a more contemporary feel and sometimes (but not always) lettering on more challenging surfaces. Lettering Artists use lettering in a different way and can be described more as a Art Form.

Lettering is like music...In music everyone starts by learning the notes, then they put the notes together and lean a tune. From there you can follow the route of a classical Musician or become a Rock Star.

If you are commissioning a Calligrapher or Lettering Artist to do some work for you, as to see examples of their work and see a portfolio. Make sure that the style of the scribe suits your purpose. After all you wouldn't employ a Rock Musician to play at your OAP Christmas Party now would you?

I take on commissions of both types both formal traditional and Informal Contemporary. Given the choice I much prefer the latter as it's far more personal and expressive and uses my skills to their limits. Contemporary Calligraphy is fresh and alive and in the 21st Century. It takes something regular and mundane into another dimension. Lettering Artists use the tone of the words, flavour and rhythm to come up with a decorative piece of work that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Work I undertake is very varied and I work closely with the client to ensure that their needs and ideas are covered....a sort of collaboration if you like. This can be great fun. Commissions take many forms, from the simple writing on paper or pottery to large canvases to grace your wall, we can match paint colours and paint schemes which makes the piece even more unique.
Visitors to the Studio are always surprised at the variety of ideas we can offer and we just love sharing our work and talking about a hobby gone mad!

My passion is for Lettering and in particular Personalised Gifts for all occasions. I have hundreds of quotation books and the Internet gives access to many more. If you are stuck for gift ideas we are delighted when people call in and have a look round the gallery, threes bound to be something to catch your eye of start your creative juices flowing.

Above all else, whether you are looking for a Calligrapher or Lettering Artist, make sure you pick the right one for the job in hand. Ask to see examples of their work and get a rough price before hand. I prefer to work with the client face to face if at all possible, although this is not necessary, but it does help to choose someone local so that you can pop in and see work as it progresses.
Along with Commissions we have many items ready made and off the peg, so feel free to pop in and see us....we love meeting new people :o)

Studio opening times are usually 10am - 4pm, although we are sometimes away from the studio if we are doing an Exhibition so a quick phone call to arrange a visit is always advisable.
Our studio address is: 288a High Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire (Ring for directions - You will need them)
Tel: 01609 776 866 or 07816 537 275

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Wedding Place Cards in Calligraphy

Calligraphy and Hand Lettering done well, really comes into it's own for Weddings and non more so than when used for the place cards which will add grace and elegance to any table.
Because we use paint and not ink, the colours are opaque and can be matched to suit your theme and it's not as expensive as you might think. There is also no need to be local as you can post the place cards to us and everything can be done via email and returned via Royal Mail. We also offer this service with our own Invitations and Wedding Stationery or the ones you have already bought.
If you would like further details, please contact me via my 'Profile Page.

Monday 23 August 2010

Personalised Hand Made Guest Books and Albums

As well as a complete Calligraphy and Lettering Art Service many calligraphers offer a Personalised and Creative Bookbinding Service.
Books can be made as Guest Books for Weddings, New Baby, Baby's Christenings, Anniversaries

The books I make are Japanese Bound and stitched at the sides....

The inside pages as well as the cover can be personalised and made to any shape and size and contain as many or as few pages as needed.

Beads and charms can be hung from the binding......

And colours chosen to match any theme.......

We can also make Wedding Albums for photos of either the Wedding Day or Honeymoon. I have also been commissioned to make Hen Night Albums.

Personalised pages complete the look......

If you are interested in having a Japanese, Side Bound, Album or Guest Book, made to your specification, email me at

Sunday 4 July 2010

Hand Made Wedding Stationery and a North Yorkshire Wedding Fair

It's all goo, go, go and all hands on deck at the studio. I've booked my 1st Wedding Fair in September and have to get my head around how best to display what I do as well as work out all the promotional materials I will need.
I'm also working on more Wedding designs and although any design is 'Bespoke' and can be adjusted to suit, sometimes too many choices can overwhelm the client.
However, this is the most important day of any girls life and getting it just right is a priority for both them and me. I am so excited at doing this Fair its hard at the moment to keep on track ;o)

Sunday 27 June 2010

Wedding Seating Plan

When it comes to Weddings, Calligraphers come into their own. They are often called upon to design Wedding Invitations and Stationery, write place cards and create Seating Plans. This one was especially wonderful to do, mainly because the client is one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of doing work for.

The names are a simple, non fussy italic....and the date is formal Caps....

Raised Butterflies added dimension and a bit of fun to the Table Plan....

And below is the overall effect.

Simple, Elegant and Stylish.
If you would like to know More about having a seating plan made for your Special Day or want to discuss your Wedding Stationery, email me at
or visit my other website designed especially for Weddings at:
If you would prefer to contact me by phone tel: 01609 776 866
usually between 10am - 4pm weekdays.

A Royal Visitors Book

If I was to be perfectly honest, formal layouts and Traditional Lettering are not my favourite commissions. I work best when I am given a poem or quotation, a little bit of information about the recipient and a free reign on design, layout and creative expression. Sadly, we all have to take in work which we aren't particularly fond of.

Living near an Army Barracks means that the Squadrons there often have visitors that are extra important. Above is the previous visit from Her Royal Highness, The Queen and below, Princess Alexandra.....who happens to be the Patron of Action For Blind People who have helped and supported me both when I lost my sight initially and during the setting up and running of my business.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Baby Birth Announcements

It's nice when one idea leads to another....
I was fortunate enough to work with a Wedding Planner on an idea where the Invitation would also become the envelope. With the cost of postage these days, lots of things have to be taken into account. The birth of my Grand-daughter and the issue that most of both families (as with most people these days) living away, I thought it would be a nice idea to turn the Wedding Invitation idea into a Baby Birth Announcement.
As Baby Daisy was born premature and the hospital being limiting on visiting and no. of visitor the cards were well received by everyone.
To have a card personalised with your baby's details, send a good quality .jpg, along with the name, date, time and weight to The cards are £1.50 each, for a minimum of 10 and a £1 a card after that, and this includes P&P

Personalised Baby Birth Celebration Gift

For what seems like forever now, all I have been requested to do are these Certificates for boys! It came as a blessed relief to finally have one for a girl....

Alicia Marshall.....

Born 18th April 2010
Weight 8lb 6oz

These prints are personalised with the baby's name,
date of birth and weight and finished with hand painted decorated squares.

Size: A3 - 29.7cm x 42cm

All available by mail order, price is £10 including P&P
and comes delivered in a board backed envelope or £15.00

if you would like a mount adding which makes the print
fit into a standard sized, easily available frame.

I accept Paypal or Cheques

For further details If you have a new born child to celebrate

this makes a unique and personal gift.

Sunday 14 March 2010

A HandMade Mothers Day Card

A Mothers Day Card. A 3-fold card with a formal italic cover, complimented with a more contemporary inside. Pink gouache for the lettering. The overall size is 445mm x 105mm, so it fits into a standard C6 envelope. Simple, pretty and just right for mothers day.
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