Saturday 28 June 2014

Large Purple Butterfly Wedding Invitations and Voucher Request Cards for Tracy & Matt

Tracy & Matt loved the large butterfly design
 and choose to have it printed in Cadbury's Purple foil!

Folded Daytime Invitations,
Flat Evening Invitations
& some Gift voucher request cards.....

And of course.... we have as much fun
packing our hand made wedding stationery
as we do making it! 

All our items are bespoke, which means everything is individually made for the Bride & Groom and after a chat on the phone or in person to make something that's truly unique and special to them. 

No mass production here!

We value your individuality! 
We don't want you to follow the crowd 
and be like everyone else. 

That's why almost everything we create is different! 

If you haven't already.... 

Looking for something different?
Give us a ring!
01609 776 866

Local to Northallerton?
Call in at the studio:
288a High Street, Northallerton, 
North Yorkshire DL7 8DW

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Why I wouldn't be a Wedding Photographer for all the tea in china!

This article 

Why You Might Want to Consider

an Unplugged Wedding

 popped up on my Facebook news feed. 
I wanted to laugh... but then realised the seriousness 
of the situation! Find out why by CLICKING HERE

What are your thoughts on this?
Leave a comment below

Saturday 7 June 2014

Music Themed Wedding Postbox and Wedding Guest Book

I've just finished this Wedding Guest Book
with a musical theme. 

It's great when you get to do something just that little 
bit different with the words
"Ohhh, just do whatever you want,
I'm sure it will be great!"

The lest restrictions, the freer the creativity flows
And you have the trust of your clients 
which is extra nice!

The book was made to match this beauty.

Tilly and Hutch's invitations 
were sent out of 45rpm records,
There's were black, vinyl things, that
 when you put them on a turntable
and placed a needle on them played back music -
(For the young ones around lol)

so her Aunt suggested that a music theme would be appropriate. 

I already had the artwork and designs on computer by this time,
so it made making the book so much easier! 

Have you an idea for something different you want making?
Contact us during opening hours
Tuesday - Saturday
10.30am - 4pm
on 01609 776 866

Of course, if you are close to Northallerton,
just call in the shop to see a massive
assortment of designs and interesting stuff for your wedding!

Hope the weather is not washing everyone out,
 like it is here in North Yorkshire,
Sue x

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