Monday 20 February 2017

Time flies when you're having fun!

Hello, hello, is there anybody there?
I bet you thought I had disappeared off the face of the earth.
No-one is more shocked than me to see that I haven't blogged since the start of the year!
What? it's already February? You must be kidding me! 
We're already close to the end of February!
And by the look of this blog it looks like nothing much has been happening at the studio of Inspired by Script.

The truth is..... nothing could be further from the truth.

The first week back was a quiet one. Unlike other years when I've had brides queuing up as soon as the doors were open, this year was different.

I've learnt over the last few years to not panic and use these times productively. 
My last order of 2016 was massive. The place looked like a bomb had hit it, so once the order was finished and in the post I did a huge clean up BEFORE I closed for Christmas.
It was pretty creepy coming back in January to a clear desk, all bins and paper boxes emptied and a tidy shop.... yes it looked like I had been burgled. 

Just 2 weeks later and it looked sort of normal again. Bits of paper everywhere, Hastily scribbled notes on even more bits of paper, the cutting and folding machine and printers were once more doing their happy dance and orders came in thick and fast.
 From then on it's been a blur!

I've decided this year to only blog about clients orders once their big day has arrived.
As so many couples order their stationery well in advance these days it's difficult to know when they will send them out and I'd hate guests to see the invitation on my blog BEFORE they actually get one in the post... it sort of spoils the surprise. So, I've 15 posts lined up already, but you'll have to wait to see them.

In other news.... I've been busy also helping set up a group for designer makers here in Yorkshire. It's a big job and like starting another business all over again.... although I won't get any income from this one, I hope eventually it will be run by the members and I'm mealy there to steer it for a little while.

Ok..... what else?
Ah YES! It's official! I love Instagram! Yeh, now I'm a self confessed Instagram addict!
Other wedding stationers follow me and are followed back and even comment on my work and there's non of the distractions that you get with Pinterest, There's also the advantage that I can share over multiple platforms with just one click of the button. That's so important when you have a business to run and you're trying to juggle everything at once.

Of course we are still on all the other social media platforms.
Like this one......

And this one...........

Oh yes.... and this one!
WARNING - Ok I'm still learning re video making and 
I won't be going into wedding videography any time soon....
just sayin'......

I'm not sure why I'm on this one..... 
It's just not visual enough for me.
However.... we are......

So there you have it.
Even if I seem to disappear without a trace, you can be sure I'll be hanging out somewhere.

I love connecting with people, whether it's wedding stationery, small business or designer maker related.
If you share anything from the website, blog or any other form of social media, can you use the #InspiredByScript hashtag so we can thank you in person.
Sharing is important to us and it's very much appreciated

Remember we are available and open to the public for consultations or simply to talk over your plans.
The studio is located at
288A Hugh Street,
North Yorkshire DL7 8DW

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Saturday
10.30am - 4,30p.m.

If you live some distance away we're always happy to have a phone consultation.
There's no obligation.

Tel: 01609 776 866

Warm wishes,
Sue x

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