Wednesday 27 October 2010

Whats the difference between a Calligrapher and a Lettering Artist?

I call myself both a Calligrapher and a Lettering Artist....whats the difference? you may ask.
Most of us start out as Classically Trained Calligraphers, slavishly copying, analysing and repeating styles of the past. Professional Calligraphers specialise in Certificates, Wedding Stationery and other more 'Formal' work and commissions. This is more Craft Based.

Lettering Artists however have taken their skills to another level and have adapted their lettering giving it a more contemporary feel and sometimes (but not always) lettering on more challenging surfaces. Lettering Artists use lettering in a different way and can be described more as a Art Form.

Lettering is like music...In music everyone starts by learning the notes, then they put the notes together and lean a tune. From there you can follow the route of a classical Musician or become a Rock Star.

If you are commissioning a Calligrapher or Lettering Artist to do some work for you, as to see examples of their work and see a portfolio. Make sure that the style of the scribe suits your purpose. After all you wouldn't employ a Rock Musician to play at your OAP Christmas Party now would you?

I take on commissions of both types both formal traditional and Informal Contemporary. Given the choice I much prefer the latter as it's far more personal and expressive and uses my skills to their limits. Contemporary Calligraphy is fresh and alive and in the 21st Century. It takes something regular and mundane into another dimension. Lettering Artists use the tone of the words, flavour and rhythm to come up with a decorative piece of work that will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Work I undertake is very varied and I work closely with the client to ensure that their needs and ideas are covered....a sort of collaboration if you like. This can be great fun. Commissions take many forms, from the simple writing on paper or pottery to large canvases to grace your wall, we can match paint colours and paint schemes which makes the piece even more unique.
Visitors to the Studio are always surprised at the variety of ideas we can offer and we just love sharing our work and talking about a hobby gone mad!

My passion is for Lettering and in particular Personalised Gifts for all occasions. I have hundreds of quotation books and the Internet gives access to many more. If you are stuck for gift ideas we are delighted when people call in and have a look round the gallery, threes bound to be something to catch your eye of start your creative juices flowing.

Above all else, whether you are looking for a Calligrapher or Lettering Artist, make sure you pick the right one for the job in hand. Ask to see examples of their work and get a rough price before hand. I prefer to work with the client face to face if at all possible, although this is not necessary, but it does help to choose someone local so that you can pop in and see work as it progresses.
Along with Commissions we have many items ready made and off the peg, so feel free to pop in and see us....we love meeting new people :o)

Studio opening times are usually 10am - 4pm, although we are sometimes away from the studio if we are doing an Exhibition so a quick phone call to arrange a visit is always advisable.
Our studio address is: 288a High Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire (Ring for directions - You will need them)
Tel: 01609 776 866 or 07816 537 275
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