Tuesday 15 March 2022



Hiya folks... Warning this is a long post....

Sorry I’ve been quiet. It’s been a mixture of being busy with orders and my head being all over the place with the events over the last couple of weeks! Blimey, just a couple of weeks? I don’t know about you but it already feels like months!

My first reaction was what can I do? how can I help?

Well I can’t drive to taking aid to Ukraine is out of the question.

I belong to a massive group of artists and crafters and we have our own group, we all decided that we would do what we do best and make stuff! The profits or a large proportion of the items sold would go to the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal (I’ll add a link at the end of this post).

Anyhow, off everyone went to make and shake and some got their items listed for sale.... and then it happened! The trolls hot out hard. I saw the most awful comments accusing people of ‘cashing in’ on tragedy, trying to make a fast buck and serious threats. My friend's business pages were being trolled and many closed their pages for fear of being tarnished forever.

 I decided I wasn’t mentally able to cope with being accused of any of this so I shelved the idea of doing anything. But every night I go home and the terrible acts against humanity continue and I really HAVE to do something! Ok si I’ve made my own donation, but that’s just a drop in the ocean. I’m not financially able to donate my products for free, but I can offer a small selection of products and donate a large amount of the profit to the cause.

So at the risk of being called worse than poo I am going to offer these products over the next couple of days. Check out the COLLECTION HERE

Perhaps I won’t sell any.... but maybe.... just MAYBE I will sell a lot and together we’ll do our bit to help.

If for whatever reason you find this distasteful.... please don’t judge me.... just scroll on by. I’m not forcing or pressurising anyone to buy (It’s not my way). Thanks to those on my personal page who have encouraged and supported me to do this. Much love and peace to you all xox

This is the cause I am raising funds for so here’s the link if you’d like to make a donation. https://www.gofundme.com/f/helpukraine?utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR16uVEJdEBkRka4lndTfiiBM2R4WK1ucP0WVfxmdwQ3YWJlFt8n7tdJh18

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