Sunday 22 April 2012

Experimenting with Paper Cut-out Letters

I've experimented with and shared on this blog, cut letters before and last week I had a quiet spot and made some more

Here is the paper cut out, shown next to a knife for scale

I wanted to have a go at mounting there in a floating frame,
so the background of any wall will show through

Quite hard to photograph, 
but I've done my best :o)

All you need is love.....

Of course, these are still in their infancy,
and I have made a few others,

Saturday 14 April 2012

There's a gap in the market..... and I intend to fill it!

Personalised Bridesmaid Cards 
Made To Order

Like all good ideas,
this one came from a Bride to be.

I was approached by a Bride to make some personalised Bridesmaid, 
thank you cards. I was surprised as I expected most people to buy them off the internet.
I was surprised that is....until I had a look and realised how awful the available cards were.!

The designs are, to say the least, pretty, god-damn awful.
They range from pathetic designs to ancient graphics,
mostly they look like something designed in the 80's.
(Nothing against the 80's BTW) but we have come a long way since then,
and time has moved swiftly on.

There are a lot of Wedding Stationery designers out there,
and they seem to give a lot of time and effort to making something they can mass produce, so why can they not be bothered to design special, one-of-a-kind,
personalised cards, with more funky up-to-date designs?

My theory is that they take longer to make,
let's face it it's harder and takes more effort to design 5 personalised cards 
than it does to churn out 50 of the same.
 In other words, I think they don't bother because they can't make
 enough profit out of them.

There's a gap in the market,
and I aim to fill it!

each card measures  14.5CM X 14.5CM and can be printed in either white or slightly cream coloured lustre card and any colour printing or white card and printed in foil most colours available. Each card personalised with the Bridesmaids name.... and these are available for £2.50 each (plus P&P if not collected).

At present I only have the card above available, but if you have a particular idea in mind or want to choose from the Wedding invitation design (I can alter these to make them into Bridesmaid thank you cards) then please get in touch. I intend to add to this collection as soon as I get time... and also I'm working on Best man and usher cards. The Bridesmaid cards can also be used as Maid of Honour cards too. 

Further details, as per usual by clicking on the contact tab above. 

And.... if you have any ideas for other cards you may be interested in or think there's a gap in the market....drop me a line...I love to hear from you :o)

Monday 2 April 2012

Personalised Love Heart Wedding Favours

I was asked to provide stickers for these Love Heart sweets to be used as Wedding Favours. These mini tubes of sweets are becoming more and more popular.

Sweets come with FREE personalised stickers at 10p per tube, plus postage and packing.
Callers close to Northallerton, can of course buy them from the studio.
We can also print all kinds of stickers, wedding favour tags and anything else you need personalising. It's part of our service. You dream it up and we make it :o)
Use the contact link above to find all our details
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