Saturday 17 November 2012

Personalised Made To Order, Wedding Concertina Card, In Champagne, Silver and Royal Blue

Personalised Made To Order, Wedding Concertina Card, In Champagne, Silver and Royal Blue

I was approached by Kat to make a special wedding card for her sister and future Brother-In-Law.... but as the wedding is in 2 weeks there was a bit of a sense of urgency about this one. 

I really didn't want to panic, but sometimes when I get asked to do something at such short notice. I'm quick to answer... 'Yeah no problem' then find out that the customer wants a ton of extras and makes almost impossible suggestions that are really not possible in a short space of time.... if at all. 

I must admit that I cautiously asked questions first BEFORE I said I could... It's took me a long time, but I'm finally getting ALL the information before I jump in with my big mouth.

I didn't have to worry... the brief was easy:
Champagne Wedding Dress, Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dress and a hint of Silver... Oh and Butterflies too.... and 'Do it however you think best'

The card was for Rosemary and Michael

From Kathleen-Ann, Rob, Chloe and Jude,
Who is not yet born, but as he is due sometime around the Wedding Day... he will be in attendance one way or another I expect, so I added him too :-)

For the covers I decided to try something a little different, seen as I was given a free reign and made a little tag with their names and Wedding Date on it, rounding the corners to soften it slightly...

I knew I had some gorgeous Champagne Japanese Silk Paper somewhere.... saved for a something special kind of moment and this was it! I wasn't sure how it was going to work with Blue.... but had to give it a try.

Mow, 'normally' I use thin 3 mm ribbon to wrap around and close the book, but this time I wanted to try something totally different. I used 1" Organza ribbon.....The tag is tie and fixed onto the front cover, with the longer piece of ribbon glued and threaded through the back cover. This forms a bow at the right hand side when tied. 

Here's the fully opened out book... all 10 pages of it.
The inside verse is The Apache Wedding Blessing....
suitably perfect for ANY wedding.

I had almost come to the conclusion, that I would not be making any more concertina cards. They are a lot of work for little return. Many clients want you as an artist to create something for them, they like your work, but then when you agree, put forth ideas that are totally unrealistic.

Working on this commission, I realised that if the artist is left to get on with creating something in a free and trusted manner and with only a small outlying brief, they can come up with something that's truly from the heart.... something they are proud to hand over and say... "I made that and it represents the work I do best". Put handcuffs and restraints and give too much input and the artist is not really creating something of themselves. Not only that, it puts an awful lot of pressure on them to interpret exactly WHAT the client wants.

I'm hoping Kat is please with what I come up with and I hope her Sister and future Brother-In-Law love it even more. If they do... then it's a job well done.... I will let you know.

Oh my word Sue!!! The card is absolutely beautiful. It's just perfect, I can't begin to tell you how much I love it and appreciate what you've done.

I left a comment on the blog page, however, it needs to be approved by you. 

I cried for ages this morning when I saw it. Even Rob had a tear in his eye, when he saw Jude's name

Friday 16 November 2012

Hand Made Personalised Sign

Personalised Vinyl Sign

As I explained in my last blog post here my work can be wide and varied. At the end of last week I was asked to do a sign for a Wedding Photographer friend Mark Johnston, to put on his stand when at Wedding Fairs.

The board will stand on his table and greatly enhances branding. I can't claim the design of the graphic as this was already done by a friend of his.

I make lots of signs for all sorts of reasons. From children's bedroom signs to quirky quotations and even Wedding Signs.... I sometimes think I should have called my business


You can see Marks work at:

And keep up to date with his latest work
by following his BLOG

What Mark said about this:
Thanks for the sign Sue, I could not have asked for anything better. It's awesome!
To all prospective clients you will receive OUTSTANDING service, true quality and the unique creative vision of Sue's work. I recommend her to you all!

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Personalised Save The Date Fridge Magnets

Personalised Save The Date Fridge Magnets

I've worked 3 weeks solid over the last 3 weeks... both Sundays I've been to 2 Wedding Fairs... which sort of takes it out of you.

At the latest one however I was approached by Sam and Steve to make some Save The Date, Magnetic fridge magnets as their wedding is some way away yet. 

People love this idea for Save the Dates as Magnets seem to be so collectable these days. Also, by sticking it to your fridge there's less chance of it getting lost as there is with a conventional Save the Date Card.

The magnets are available direct off my Wedding Stationery Website at this link here. At the moment there are 9 designs to choose from... but I am working on more :-)

I've also considered making these for Baby Birth Announcements as I have the facilities to fully personalise them and I think that adding a photo of the new born, would look quite cute..... and there are probably tons of other ideas I can come up with too.

Have you any wild suggestions you think could take off?
I'm offering 10 personalised magnets to the one who can come up with the best idea! Just email me at:  or alternatively, leave a comment below.

Post by Sue Simpson (c) 2012

Monday 12 November 2012

Personalised Baby Christening Announcements

Personalised Baby Christening Announcements 

My work is wide and varied. Coming from a Calligraphy background, my commissions can range from large pieces of work like full song lyrics to small and personal invitations and social stationery.  This week a lovely change from Wedding Invitations... this time, Baby Christening Invites for
'Anna Sofia Davies'

I was asked to design, print and make, just 30 little invitations.
Just 10 cm x 10 cm
in soft Baby Pink foil.

A little butterfly on the top right hand corner seemed 
to fit just perfectly.....

Small, simple and although not the largest order I've ever done....a nice, relaxing commission and something a little different :-)

Post by: Sue Simpson 
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