Tuesday 29 September 2015

#TOP TIP TUESDAY from InspiredByScript.co.uk #3


Can you tell… I can’t stress this enough!

Regardless of how many times you read something, there’s always a slim chance that something will slip through. I always insist on the couple emailing me whatever they want written inside their invites, menus, order of service and seating plans. I usually do a quick check over, but sometimes even I miss something. The responsibility of getting it right is yours and yours alone.

I never change anything without checking with the Bride and Groom first and many of the on-line stationery suppliers simply use a merge feature and don’t even cast an eye over it.

Once printed, that is it. Unless you want to pay for them to be reprinted, PLEASE check over and over again and hand them your proof over to someone else to check too…. (A fresh eye and all that).

It will save you money in the long run!


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Monday 21 September 2015

#TOP TIP TUESDAY from InspiredByScript.co.uk #2


Can you tell…. This has happened to me? Countless times!
The hardest thing for a stationer who loves to make invitations and stationery that is extra special and totally made to order is that now and again and usually during your busiest periods, you’ll get that all important distress call from someone who has been ‘let down’, by another company.

Now, this is all very well, but I wasn’t your first choice…..so this really isn’t MY problem. I do try and help as best I can, but my clients (and I’m sure I speak for all the other wedding stationers here too) COME FIRST!

Fortunately, my clients know from the outset the lead time I need, so this never happens.

I’m often asked “How long will it/they take”.
The factors here are
1)   How long will it take the client to proof and approve the proofs?
2)    How busy I am at that particular point.

We do try and keep on top of things and generally work comes in steadily, so I am well paced…. But every now and then, it can become manic and everything falls at your feet in one fell swoop BOOSH! Yeah… then I panic (a little).

So you can see, if this is one of those times and we have a 3 week waiting list, those “I’ve been let down and need this for next Friday… and it has to be posted…and I’m not paying for extra 24hour carrier” phone calls are not very welcome.
We don’t work well under pressure.

Many of my US friends who also make Wedding Invitations and Stationery charge DOUBLE on the labour costs. The reason for this is, their diary’s are usually full and they have to hire in extra help. The cost has to be covered somewhere.

RMEMBER: Look after your service provider and they will look after you!


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Tuesday 15 September 2015

#TOP TIP TUESDAY from InspiredByScript.co.uk #1



Why? Everyone makes mistakes right? Whether it’s a slip of the pen or forgetting someone important when adding up how many invites you need.

Even in my Calligraphy days we insisted on an extra 10% of anything we had to write in ‘just in case’. Waiting for extra stationery to arrive from a supplier added extra days to getting the job finished.

For some, it was a costly mistake because many of the stationery suppliers had a minimum order of 20 when ordering…. Even when it was add ons and the client had already ordered from them in the past.

So PLEASE make sure you order AT LEAST another 10% of anything wedding related. Better to have too many than no enough.


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Monday 14 September 2015

Stunning, Personalised Laser cut wedding invitations

We've been looking at these for quite a while.....till we could resist it no longer, especially as vintage and Rustic wedding with their luxurious lace seem to be the 'thing' at the moment.

Here's one we made earlier...complete with personalised Belly Band

remove the belly band

And up pops the middle

Here's a close up of the intricate detail of this beautiful laser cut invite

The invitation details can be printed on a complimentary or contrasting card... so for dual colour weddings you can mix and match.

And the really great thing is.....They come in 50... YES 60! colours,
so there is something for everyone.


Card size: 15cm x 15cm
Card stock 300 - 350gsm card stock
Inner card: 300 gsm card stock
Envelope: 155cm x 155cm in white or ivory. 120 gsm
Colour choice: Choose from 50 colours


Belly Band
Personalised Topper

Aren't they just beautiful?  
Want to know more? Call the studio on 01609 776 866 during opening hours
or if you live in or near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, pop in to see a real life sample.
We just KNOW you'll love them as much as we do! 

Looking for more inspiration?
See our VINTAGE Pinterest Board HERE
See our RUSTIC Pinterest board HERE

Friday 11 September 2015

Personalised teal, wedding wishing tree tags

100 personalised wedding wishing tree tags.
Ivory card with teal print and ribbons 

Hannah and Matt's pink and silver themed personalised wedding seatingplan

Hannah & Matt came to me and chose a pink and silver themed wedding seating plan.

I really do apologise for the poor quality of these photos.
when work is finished, it's quickly collected or posted and out of the door as storage space is limited.

It seemed far better to quickly take a few photos so I could share them all with you.
At least you'll get a flavour of the items I'm sharing. 
As always, let us know if we can help you with your wedding day paper and card ephemera.
call us on 01609 776 866 during opening hours 

Thursday 10 September 2015

Fingerprint wedding invitations made with the couples own fingerprints

Another order complete and awaiting collection. This fingerprint heart design is made from the couples own fingerprints #wedding #Invitation #Fingerprint#Inspira

Fun with paper

The project called for large buttons. So large buttons it is #papercut  #craft ##creativity

Personalised Christening invitations, a triple celebration!

It's a triple Christening....yes triple, not triplets.
Twins Eli-Clark, Ebony-Mae & their older sister Dawn
are having a joint celebration.

Between us we managed to come up with this idea.... a 3-in-1 invitation.

There were many paper buttons to die cut and my tuimb was numb for a week....

We added an RSVP card to the back of the triple fold card.

the invites were blue and pink to represent the twins and lavender for Dawn.
We're going to carry the colours through to the Post box and guest book.....
It's lvely when it all co-ordinates. 

Monday 7 September 2015

Personalised have this first drink on us cards

although it's nowhere near as full as I want it to be (I'm aiming to have 100 items in there by Christmas at the latest), My Etsy Store has been busy!

Not with invitation sales as you might think ....but with these little beauties....

Already I have orders sent to New Zealand,


And 2 to Australia! 

As always we give discounts for bulk, so if you want a pack of 60 or more, you can find them here

Make sure you keep your eye on the shop as we slowly add things to it

We also make personalised tags, stickers and labels..... everything you need to fancy up your wedding bits and pieces. 

Call us on 01609 776 866
or if you are close to Northallerton, pop in during opening hours 

Alice and Michael bunting themed, pink and lavender seating plan

Alice & Michael wanted a bunting themed, pink & lavender seating plan.
No problem....

Even though they had a VW camper van to drive the Bride to the venue, I couldn't persuade them to have them on the seating plan....so we went for plain and simple instead.... 

Have you a special idea that you'd like us to make?
Call us during opening hours on 01609 776 866

If you live close to or are within  travelling distance of Northallerton, North Yorkshire, Call in at the studio.
Our opening times are beetween 10.30 am - 4,30 pm
Tuesday - Saturday,
however we are there later during our busy times. 

Kate & Nick - Mr & Mrs Signs and personalised confetti cones.

Now for Kate & Nick - Mr & Mrs Signs and personalised confetti cones.

These large A4, MDF wooden signs are decorated with gold lettering and green ribbon.
I always think Gold on Ivory adds that bit of elegance to any wedding

The signs will be hung on the back of chairs, supplied by the couples wedding planner and venue stylist Jane from Elegant Seating.

I've worked with Jane for a number of weddings now and she comes highly recommended,.

And here we have.... MORE personalised confetti cones. .....this time in a lovely green.
A nice personal touch to any wedding.

Need something special and want us to consider making it for you?
We love unique and creative ideas....so call us and run it by us,
Tel Sue on 01609 776 866 during opening hours, or leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Zach & Kirsty Personalised fingerprint guest book and Confetti Cones in Navy Blue & Pink

It's been mega busy here at Inspired by Script. The only downside to being busy is not having the time to keep up with the blog and Social media.... all necessary parts of running a small business and driving customers our way.

So... I'll do my best over the next few posts to get up to speed and show you some wonderful things we've been making....with ideas from Brides...

First off....
Zach & Kirsty Personalised fingerprint guest book and Confetti Cones in Navy Blue & Pink

Our large A3 wedding fingerprint guest book makes a great keepsake of your special day.
Guests sign the print and then you can frame it after the wedding as a lasting reminder of the special people who ere there.

As I'm pushed for time at the moment I'm using the iPad for photos. Probably not the smartest move I've ever made as the colours are so much brighter on the real thing... but it gives you a flavour of what they look like

Colours can be changed to match your wedding theme and we can use either a stock photo of joined fingerprints OR if you have a black ink pad and some really white paper to hand, why not send them to us and we'll make it even more personal by using yours?

If you are local to Northallerton, North Yorkshire and can pop into the studio, we'll gladly take the prints for you (Baby wipes for clean fingers afterwards are free)

Email us for details inspiredbyscript@yahoo.co.uk

Next off....some wedding confetti cones.
Personalised with the Bride and Grooms names and date of wedding.
Colours used here are again Navy Blue and Pink... gorgeous.

Have you a special something you'd like us to consider making for you?
Contact the studio during opening hours on 01609 776 866
or leave a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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