Monday 30 September 2013

Personalised Baby Christening Announcements

I have to admit.... most of my work is taken up with Wedding Invitations and Stationery these days,but every now and again I get asked to make 18th and 21st Birthday Party Invitations or Personalised Baby Christening Announcements  

Here are the ones I made for Amelia Jasmine....

I came up with 2 designs.... the first one folded.....

The second was a flat card....

The flat card seemed to fit the bill better....

All the names on our cards are written in calligraphy...

Before being printed and foiled in a choice of over 15 colours.....

And of course.... we supply a matching envelope

If you would like to see another design we did

So whatever the occasion or celebration, be it 
Birthdays, Christening, Weddings or Anniversaries,
we can make a card to fit!
or visit out website

Thursday 26 September 2013

Anna's Personalised 18th Birthday Party Invitations

At the same time as Eileen & Chris's Wedding
it was also their daughter Anna's 18th Birthday.

So.... I had to come up with something 
a little different than the usual 
wedding Invitations and Stationery.

Most of my art work is drawn with a 0.8mm fine line pen.
This makes a decent thickness of mark when it comes to foiling.

Anna had seen and liked a similar design 
on some Wedding Invitations,
but where there were stars in the spirals, we decided
 it would look great to put the number 18

We added sprinkled stars all around the border
and incorporated them around her name,
which helps to keep things uniform

I think we were both happy with the finished result.


Friday 20 September 2013

Eileen & Chris's - Hot Pink Wedding Invitations

We pride ourselves on offering the same high quality
 or goods and services, 
no matter how large or small your wedding!

It is our mission not to be 
exclusive but 'in'clusive.... 
whatever your budget.

Eileen & Chris's Wedding 
was to be a small one,
with only a few close friends. 

First job for me is to write out 
the Bride and grooms name in calligraphy,
wait till it dries, rub out the lines,
and then get it scanned 
so that I can work on it 
so it is 'camera ready' for the 
Invitations and Stationery.

I love all aspects of my work....
but this really is the fun part :-)

Together, they chose the smaller, flat,  A6 sized invitations,
These are a perfect size when small graphics and 
where there is only 1 meal or buffet.

Some couples choose to have a church Wedding,
then a sit down meal at a venue and then and evening disco and buffet too.
In these cases there is too much information to go on this type and size or card.

And here they are all packed up to go.

While they were in the shop, they also saw 
my personalised Wedding blessing Candles
and had one made in memory of Eileen's grandparents

With matching ribbon and font colour to carry through their theme.

I think the memory candles are a particularly lovely idea, especially where one or both parents are passed away.

I have known couples put them on the head tables and light them as a reminder that although absent, they are very close to their hearts. 

What ideas do you have f
or remembering absent people 
at your wedding? 

Monday 16 September 2013

Black & White Wedding Invitations, Wedding Post Box and Guest Book - Tina & Peter

here's the Black & White Wedding Invitations
Wedding Post Box and Guest Book
I created for Tina & Peter 

Folded Invitations for the Daytime
and simple, Flat Invitations for the Evening

We used the heart theme from the
Blessing Tree Design 
and incorporated them on

On the Guest Book
we also carried through the 
Black & White Theme....

As these 2 items usually sit side by side on a table
it's nice to have them matching :-)

All designs and photos (c) Sue Simpson

Monday 9 September 2013

Red, Blue and Green Wedding Invitations - Cassie & John

Red, Blue and Green 
Wedding Invitations  
Cassie & John

The wedding colour theme for Cassie and John
came from Johns Scottish ancestry.

there theme was to be a tartan one,
however, we don't have a tartan foil...
so we had to think a bit creatively here.

We (between us)
decided that the Folded Daytime Invitations 
Would be Ivory and foiled in Red...

And the Flat Evening Invitations too.....

We made the RSVP cards in Blue foil
And the 'Money not Gift' Request Cards 
in a beautiful Emerald Green.....

Apologies for the rather pale next few pictures...
they were taken on my iPad and the photos look 
ok on that, but they do funny things on Blogger :-)

We made the seating plan in the same colours,
using red for the foil lettering and as the main colour.
The green border and blue butterflies, helped tie it all in.

Here's a very poor close up....

Then, the post box....
here I tried to tie it in as best I could 
with the seating plan....

And last of all....
These mini Lottery Ticket Envelopes
A small Blue and Green butterfly
to match the theme of butterflies
running right through this order....
An personalised with Red Gouache Calligraphy,
to make them even more special.

Some colour themes leave you 
with a bit of head scratching,
but with a bit of creative thinking....
things usually work out in the end.

What do you think?
Like? or not?

If you had a Scottish Themed Wedding,
how did you get everything to fit in?

Leave a comment
or email me at 

I'd love to hear your stories :-)
Blessings, Sue x

Friday 6 September 2013

Heart Themed Wedding Invitation Inspirations

I've been asked by a Bride to send her a few photos 
of some heart designs I've created. 
So I thought I'd pop then into a quick blog post
to share with all my other interested couples.

Card 1 - The fingerprint card

Card 2 - Tumbling Hearts

Card 3 - Heart Balloons

Card 4 - Simple Filigree Heart

Card 5 - triple Heart 

Card 6 - Filigree Heart 

Card 7 - Heart Border

Card 8 - Tendril Hearts

Card 9 - Open and Closed Hearts

Card 10.... as above but this time foiled in pale pink.

These are just some of the cards available at the studio.
We work on new designs when requested or when time permits.

Although most of these cards are seen as folded,
all the above designs can be made into flat invitations with a bit of tweaking.
Obviously the designs may have to be smaller to accommodate 
all the information that can be put inside the folded cards,
but for the budget Bride these can be ideal,
offering something personalised, different, unique,
while staying within budget :-) 

To see more designs visit the website

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