Monday, 9 September 2013

Red, Blue and Green Wedding Invitations - Cassie & John

Red, Blue and Green 
Wedding Invitations  
Cassie & John

The wedding colour theme for Cassie and John
came from Johns Scottish ancestry.

there theme was to be a tartan one,
however, we don't have a tartan foil...
so we had to think a bit creatively here.

We (between us)
decided that the Folded Daytime Invitations 
Would be Ivory and foiled in Red...

And the Flat Evening Invitations too.....

We made the RSVP cards in Blue foil
And the 'Money not Gift' Request Cards 
in a beautiful Emerald Green.....

Apologies for the rather pale next few pictures...
they were taken on my iPad and the photos look 
ok on that, but they do funny things on Blogger :-)

We made the seating plan in the same colours,
using red for the foil lettering and as the main colour.
The green border and blue butterflies, helped tie it all in.

Here's a very poor close up....

Then, the post box....
here I tried to tie it in as best I could 
with the seating plan....

And last of all....
These mini Lottery Ticket Envelopes
A small Blue and Green butterfly
to match the theme of butterflies
running right through this order....
An personalised with Red Gouache Calligraphy,
to make them even more special.

Some colour themes leave you 
with a bit of head scratching,
but with a bit of creative thinking....
things usually work out in the end.

What do you think?
Like? or not?

If you had a Scottish Themed Wedding,
how did you get everything to fit in?

Leave a comment
or email me at 

I'd love to hear your stories :-)
Blessings, Sue x

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