Friday, 6 September 2013

Heart Themed Wedding Invitation Inspirations

I've been asked by a Bride to send her a few photos 
of some heart designs I've created. 
So I thought I'd pop then into a quick blog post
to share with all my other interested couples.

Card 1 - The fingerprint card

Card 2 - Tumbling Hearts

Card 3 - Heart Balloons

Card 4 - Simple Filigree Heart

Card 5 - triple Heart 

Card 6 - Filigree Heart 

Card 7 - Heart Border

Card 8 - Tendril Hearts

Card 9 - Open and Closed Hearts

Card 10.... as above but this time foiled in pale pink.

These are just some of the cards available at the studio.
We work on new designs when requested or when time permits.

Although most of these cards are seen as folded,
all the above designs can be made into flat invitations with a bit of tweaking.
Obviously the designs may have to be smaller to accommodate 
all the information that can be put inside the folded cards,
but for the budget Bride these can be ideal,
offering something personalised, different, unique,
while staying within budget :-) 

To see more designs visit the website

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