Friday, 20 September 2013

Eileen & Chris's - Hot Pink Wedding Invitations

We pride ourselves on offering the same high quality
 or goods and services, 
no matter how large or small your wedding!

It is our mission not to be 
exclusive but 'in'clusive.... 
whatever your budget.

Eileen & Chris's Wedding 
was to be a small one,
with only a few close friends. 

First job for me is to write out 
the Bride and grooms name in calligraphy,
wait till it dries, rub out the lines,
and then get it scanned 
so that I can work on it 
so it is 'camera ready' for the 
Invitations and Stationery.

I love all aspects of my work....
but this really is the fun part :-)

Together, they chose the smaller, flat,  A6 sized invitations,
These are a perfect size when small graphics and 
where there is only 1 meal or buffet.

Some couples choose to have a church Wedding,
then a sit down meal at a venue and then and evening disco and buffet too.
In these cases there is too much information to go on this type and size or card.

And here they are all packed up to go.

While they were in the shop, they also saw 
my personalised Wedding blessing Candles
and had one made in memory of Eileen's grandparents

With matching ribbon and font colour to carry through their theme.

I think the memory candles are a particularly lovely idea, especially where one or both parents are passed away.

I have known couples put them on the head tables and light them as a reminder that although absent, they are very close to their hearts. 

What ideas do you have f
or remembering absent people 
at your wedding? 

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