Sunday 24 May 2020

What is an Affirmation?

Even strong people crumple sometimes! 

I'm not afraid to admit that my own mental health has suffered over the last couple of months and looking at my FB feed a lot of others are also suffering right now, so I've re-invented something I used to make years ago BEFORE I went into the whole wedding stationery business and somehow it felt that the time was right to bring them back. 

I've upgraded to a metal box and increased the number of cards to 50! 
Previously they were sold in a card box, but I wanted something more durable to withstand many opening and closings. 

I really feel like I could write a book about this, so this post will probably be much longer than I intend….. nothing new there then lol.

First off……..

For anyone who’s a cynic about these things, you really have to be committed and try them ad hopefully it will prove to you that WORDS HAVE POWER! More importantly, what you say to yourself magnifies, whether it’s negative or positive. We have all been guilty at one time or another of pulling ourselves down. It’s easy to think the worst of ourselves. Usually, the words we choose to use to ourselves are designed to chip away at our self-esteem and confidence to such a degree in severe cases it can lead to depression and a general feeling of unworthiness. Very often these negative self-beliefs have been sown by someone else. A comment made in jest can so easily play on your mind. Other times you can create them all by yourself.

If you practice Affirmations I will practically guarantee that you will see an improvement. I say practically guarantee because you really have to WANT to change and some degree of responsibility for that lies on your shoulders.

Long before the book, The Secret came out (a book I absolutely abhor by the way, as it equates money and possessions as affirmations - which they aren't!'s not all about riches and power!) where was I (jumps off the soapbox!) yes long before The Secret and The Laws of Attraction came out, a lot of us were already practising Affirmations.

Put simply an Affirmation is ‘The 3 P’s’
It’s PERSONAL to you
And It’s PRESENT… ie you speak it as if it’s already happened.

If you think about it logically, a lot of negative self-talk can bring you down to rock bottom. Feeding the subconscious with thoughts that you probably wouldn’t even say to your worst enemy….
I’m so fat!
I’m so thin!
I’m so stupid!
I hate myself!
I’m just an idiot!
I’ll never have any money!
I’m always so skint!
Everyone hates me!
Everyone takes me for granted!
Etc. etc. etc….BLAH BLAH BLAH

Now if you can talk yourself into believing these things about yourself, it stands to reason that doing the opposite will make you believe the good things about yourself, and in turn, attract those things to happen and right before your eyes.

So an affirmation about say….
I NEVER have enough money
Should be changed to
I ALWAYS have enough to get by on.

I am so fed up
Should be changed to
I am happy

I feel ill
Needs to be changed to
I am healthy

The idea is that you pick one card out a day and say it repeatedly to yourself. I used to write them on post-it notes and leave them all over the house…on doors, fridges, mirrors…anywhere I would look frequently over the day.

The advantage of the new cards in a box is that you can either spread them out in front of you and choose one or take ten out and give them a good shuffle. then choose. However you decide to use them is up to you.

A card maker I know uses them to add to the front of her hand made greeting cards. Cool idea eh? 

If you'd like a set or can think of a friend who would benefit from these right now  HERE'S THE LINK.   or send me your email address to and I'll send a Paypal request (No account necessary). 

In the meantime, keep your chin up....we're all in this together!
Everyone feels the strain right now. Keep talking.... even though you don't want to.  A problem shared is a problem halved.  We are going through some extraordinary times right now but there's no need to go through it alone. I'm available to listen if anyone needs me. 

Message me through messenger on Facebook:

Love and bright blessings,

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