Friday 31 December 2010

The Queens Royal Lancers Memorial Book

As a Calligrapher and Lettering Artist, commissions come in all shapes and sizes....
Of all the jobs I find most difficult, it's the addition of entries in memorial books. I just cannot seem to emotionally detach myself from the young men (and sometimes women, but never the less young, waste of life.

This memorial book has entries originally entered by Anthony Wood, a Calligrapher and superb Heraldic Artist, I have admired for most of my training days.

The entries start with Gilded Surnames, Christian names in Scarlet Lake and the rest of the entry in Black. The book is bound in leather covered wood and the pages are Vellum...

The cover is Gold Foil Blocked and all the pages are gilded in finest Gold Leaf.

Sadly Anthony suffered a stroke 2 years ago and is now unable to add more entries. Reminding us that life is precious and health cannot be taken for granted.

Friday 10 December 2010

Hand Lettered Labels and Tags

As I've said a gazzillion times before...I 'LOVE' making personalised...

I was asked to design and make some swing tickets and sticky labels for a knitter. There was no brief apart from the wording.....and she was overwhelmed by them. There's something really special about seeing your name in Calligraphy!

If you are interested in having your own labels and/or swing tickets me via my contact link at the top of the page. And remember to click on the photos to enlarge :o)

Lettering on Ceramic

I've been asked by a Bride -To-Be to do a novel 'Favour' gift idea. She wants to put a kinder egg on each table and at first we thought of burning the names on wooden egg cups. This proved to be a novel idea but I was not happy with the results.

Then we came up with ceramic paints and as I had not lettered with these before, thought I would do a trial run on larger objects....hence the Mugs.....
Lettering on ceramic is difficult for me as I, being Left Handed, press hard with a nib and like some sort of 'Tooth' to the paper. It takes some practice, but once in the swing, it gets easier.
We've chosen a Non-Formal Lettering style for the Egg Cups as this adds to their quirkiness.
After wriiting on them the ceramic is fired making them heat resistant and dishwasher proof.

13 down, only another 137 to go!

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Personalised Baby Gifts - Birth Poster

These Baby Birth Personalised Prints are unique
and make a great idea for the New Arrival.

In my post about Personalised Baby Gifts I didn't mention the wording that is on the respective posters, and they really are quite beautiful, so here they are:

Baby Girl Print

Let no-one hurry her.

Give her the rare incomparable gift of time.

Give her rainbows, days to dream, Dragonfly days, where the kingfisher suddenly opens a window on wonder.

Let her meander, lark happy, through childhood, by fern curled streams.

Give her Cuckoo days and the owls cry by night.

Give her a nest full of sky-blue promises.

Let her keep her dreams so she may always turn her face to the light.

Teach her to be gentle with animals and come to terms with time.

Scoop up the sounding ocean for her in a shell.

Let her riches be remembered.

Happy days.

Live merrily, love well.

Baby Boy Print

Let him grow gently.

Give him diamond bright days.

Dream days, where time stands still.

Days of laughter, Happy days.

Magical glittering days.

Show him the radiance in a dewdrop, trembling on a petal, the sun warmed daisy in sacred places.

Give him sunlight and rainbows and starlight and moonbeams.

Touch him with the gentle breezes, and the sparkling sea tossed spray.

Let him be unhurried.

Share with him the speckled trout, the laden Honey Bee, the fleeting Vixen and darting Wren.

Show him your small daily miracles.

And the calm sweetness of a sun dappled glade.

The poems were originally written for Grand-children and titled Prayer For a Granddaughter, Prayer for a Grandson respectively, but I think you will agree they would be great sent from anyone and contain a wealth of wishes within their sentiments.

The Prints are personalised to order and are available either

a) On their own £12.50

b) Mounted £15.00

c) Mounted and framed £45

All prices are exclusive of P&P.

Email me for details

Or telephone 01609 776 866 or 07816 537 275

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