Monday 5 January 2015

Looking back.... looking forward.


First off.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! And congratulations to all you lovely Brides to be who are getting married this year.

December is usually a quieter time for me. Weddings are almost done and apart from a few, the couples getting married in 2015 usually leave it till January to get in touch.

2014 was an exception to the rule and I had 3 brides who were tying the knot with a winter themed wedding. As I close for Christmas around the 20th you can imagine it was all hands on deck and my feet never touched the floor :-) It felt at times chaotic... but we got there in the end.

It wasn't my intention to go into making wedding stationery full time and no longer offer the bespoke calligraphy service that I had been doing as a main source of income for the 20 years prior to the last 3, but with the purchase of a foiling machine, cutters, folding machine and you lovely couples coming to me thick and fast... well ... you have to be flexible in business and go with the flow. And thanks to you all, I had the best year ever.

Before this, business was at times a struggle and at best it was slow and steady, but memorial books and writing out the names of dead soldiers, some no older than boys, takes it's toll and to be honest I found it at times depressing and heartbreaking. I'm much happier joining in with more joyful  occasions.

I had little belief that there was a real market for hand made, made to order Wedding Invitations and Stationery... but you've proved me wrong and for that I am so very, very, grateful.

Being a part of the couples day is rewarding. After the venue and the date is booked, I'm very often the first and last supplier a couple has contact with. From the initial Save-the-Date or Invitation cards... right through to the seating pans, place cards, post boxes and a wide variety of other interesting things you get me to make, which can literally be collected just a few days before the big day!. Our relationship is a long one :-)

Your ideas feed my creativity and what a year we had! And as the year moved on... the ideas became braver and much more creative. I'm excited that couples are thinking more about the whole picture and not just the flowers and dress. All thanks to Pinterest i'm sure! Themed weddings are always the best to work with... besides we have so much fun coming up with ideas together. It's a joint collaboration.
I'll be totally honest with you... I've had a ball!

So... thank you to all you lovely couples that came to Inspired by Script last year... whether on foot or by phone. It was an amazing year and I hope it continues.

If anything... the only regret I had last year is that I was so busy my blogging went down the pan! And I didn't keep everything up to date! Facebook is quicker for the micro blogging world and so I tended to use that instead. So while I love writing articles and although I am starting the year with good intentions, it may go belly up again. So make sure you 'LIKE' us on FACEBOOK


In my diary... I already have 6 couples getting married this year and 1 in 2016! And I haven't even opened the doors yet :-)  This year looks like it will be busier than ever!

Blue is the colour and polka dots and chevrons and camper vans and country weddings are afoot!
And I'm sure my lovely couples will have some great, new ideas of their own.

As well as looking forward to working with new ideas and themes, inspiration comes thick and fast when you have a couple of weeks off!

I'm hoping I'll get time to share more on my Blog this year... even if I can only manage micro blogs at my busiest times.

I'm also hoping to offer alternatives, aimed at the DIY Bride. I love creative people and sometimes Brides are reluctant to mention that they want to make their own. Hey I have taught at a variety of workshops on all manner of creative crafts and well before I taught Calligraphy too. So don't be shy. We can also supply materials for you to make your own!.... if for whatever reason you are stuck... come and see me. If I can help... I will!

We're also hoping to offer some downloadable designs. These designs will be fully personalised and after payment, all you will have to do is download and print. It's that simple! I supply the design, you supply the card, envelopes, download, print and cut... any amount you need.

We are also planning on making some videos to help the DIY Bride, so make sure you follow us! More on this later!


I love and need the interaction from the people who read this blog. So I need your help!
Can you help with any of the following?

  • Would you like to feature on this blog?  I'm looking for couples who want to share their happy day, including perhaps the planning, the issues they had and right through to the final day. REAL WEDDINGS inspire others. They help others get through that all important PLANNING thing! Do you fancy being featured? 
  • Are you a supplier? Would you like to write an article telling the lovely couples who read my blog all about what you do, why you do it and perhaps offer planning hlep to them?
  • COUPLES what is your most pressing question or difficulty regarding the planning of your wedding? do you need help or advice... perhaps from others who read this blog? A problem shared is a problem halved. 
Depending on demand... I intent to get on board some of the local suppliers to talk about what they do.

I want to help inspire YOU with the massive amount of ideas floating round the net at the moment.

Of course I'll be sharing all my new ideas via the blog too as well as getting up close and personal with the studio.

And there will be competitions... and giveaways..... and draws..... and discounts! 
So... whether you are a couple or a business who wants to be featured or just need help or advice... email me (Sue at and let's make this happen! 

Alternatively Leave a message on my Facebook page or send me a pm if you want to stay private :-)

Or just leave a comment under this post. I promise I'll get back to you.
Come on everyone... Let's make 2015 a year to connect!

By the way.... If you like this post please feel free to share with others... Sharing is caring! :-)

Sue x

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