Thursday, 7 June 2012

Personalised, Made To Order Gift - Concertina Book for Baby Girls

I've been snowed under with work lately....
hence my lack of blog posts and
 keeping up with my Inspired by Script Blog.

I have downloaded photos as I have taken them 
and popped them into blank Blog Posts....
unfortunately, my attempt at creative titles 
don't make it easy for me to know,
which pictures I have uploaded and which I haven't...
so you will have to bear with me if I repeat myself 
(It's ok.... it's an 'age' thing!)

This commission is freshly finished,
so I KNOW I haven't already shown it to you.
Sophie and Eleanor.
2 concertina books, both celebrating 1st birthdays.
I've mentioned before about these little books...
I can go months without doing any... and then all of a sudden 
I get inn undated with orders for them. 

I prefer making these books to order....but will be adding some 'ready made' ones 
onto my website  for people in a rush.
Turnaround time for orders of these books can be up to 14 days, depending on how bust I am at the time...
so please, if you want one making specially....
please order in good time. 

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