Monday, 14 May 2012

Memories are made of this

Two Souls 2 copyThe Tapes Are CutSewn Onto TapesPOCKET bOOK FullversIONPICTURE 1Oscar James copy
NEW ANGEL WISHES.0Nature Concertina book copyMark Twain QuoteLove is hanging copyHoles ready for stitchingConcertina with Hearts 3 colours 1.0
COMMISSION 1 InspideCard1Caard 2BOS 035BOS 032BOS 029
BOS 028Blog Book 3Blog Book 2Alan BadbyNEW COLLECTION 1.0

Memories are made of this, a set on Flickr.

I needed to go through my (very) old posts to find a piece of work I did quite some time ago. It's ironic that once a piece leaves your hands, you very quickly forget it. I took a trip down memory lane when I found these.
Now, if I EVER question myself about whether keeping a blog is a waste of my time.... I KNOW NOW it isn't and I also remember the reason for keeping it in the first place!.... Enjoy.....

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