Monday, 5 October 2020

Not aRANT.... more a PLEA!

hELLO EVERYONE! Hope you are all doing o.k.?
What a roundabout of a year this has been! 

There I was looking forward, like most people, to the year ahead. Spring had arrived! The next time you lift your head up and look ahead and it's Autumn!

At the start of lockdown, it felt like time had slowed down.... almost stood still at times. Now I feel like we are fast heading towards the C word!

For small businesses, it's been tough and for so many of them, it still is! .... really tough! And 

I'm not going to lie, my mental health has been very up and down and all over the place.  
Glass half full or glass half empty? Well, it depends on what day you ask me lol.

I am so VERY grateful for all those awesome people who have given me orders both large and small and who have kept me going when I wanted to give up!

Every penny spent with a small local business puts 80p in every pound back into the local economy. Shop online with the big boys and you're only putting 5p in the pound back.... pretty disgusting eh?  What you may not know... the big boys pay less tax than most small businesses! Why? Because they have an uncanny knack of offsetting so much of their profits and employ super-smart accountants! Most of them have offshore accounts that are subject to different taxation systems than ours.  

So as the C-word approaches and indeed wherever you can... PLEASE... if you do nothing else this year... shop small, shop local, shop independent. 
The advantages are huge! Not only are you helping a person who had a go at turning their dream into a business and took the risk to have a go, but you'll also find we are incredibly nice people who will bend over backward to give you what you want and REALLY value every penny you spend with us. 

O.k. now here are a few pictures of makes... some commissioned some as gifts.... 

These double-walled thermos flasks keep drinks hot or cold.

Just one of the many cake toppers I've made
I really need to put them all into one long blog post! 

Personalised Hoodie 

Personalised Hoodie 

I love making t-shirts, whether it's for business, business branding or clubs
Here's one for one of the Thirsk Bowmen.

After the kitchen repaint, I found this cute cat, brought back from Spain by a friend 
as a little thank you for looking after (and keeping alive) 
her gorgeous diabetic orange tabby cat 'Scooby'.

Do you ever look in the mirror on a morning and think " Oh me gosh! I look like my mother!"?
Me too! So I just had to inject a little humour into my morning visit to the looking glass...
If you can't read it I'll translate.....

Hello beautiful.... You look younger in real life! 

I love designing anything with letters and even more so when it's then cut in vinyl. 
Self-adhesive vinyl can be applied to most clean, dry, surfaces and can last up to 7 years outdoors if applied correctly. 

HTV (Heat transfer vinyl) is applied to fabric using a heat press and is generally used on garments, although I have used it on bags, books and even wood. 

I know that there's a lot of you using vinyl stickers for kitchen jars and bathroom pump dispensers so I thought I'd offer them for sale on the website. 

At the moment I'm only offering Black, white, gold and silver self-adhesive stickers. HTV is best applied with a heat press. Using an iron can be an epic failure. 

And can you believe that I am already getting ready for the C-word. I don't want to be overwhelmed by Christmas stock at the end of the year so I think I'll be putting these out as pre-orders, that way I'll only buy-in and make the products that have already been paid for. And it will help me save space and stop everything bursting out of the work/shop door. 

On a final note THANK YOU so much for  every order you give me, it really is appreciated and you are helping keep the wolves from the door and put food on the table ... again THANK YOU! 

Until next time, Stay safe, keep well and please wear a mask xxx

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