Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Life at the studio - CHANGE can be terrifying!

  CHANGE can be terrifying can't it? But I'm all the better for knowing I have you right there with me!

Ohhhh am I excited or what? There's big changes coming to Inspired by Script this year as my focus is looking straight ahead at Brides and the Wedding part of my business, which I have since 1999, kept at arms length. The thing about business is you have to change with the times and go where your market takes you.

Whatever your original plan was or is, you really have to listen to your customers and ask them what THEY want and see how you can help them.

CALLIGRAPHY is a specialist service and can cover a multitude and wide variety of orders.... from certificates to large family tree, small quotations to memorial books.

It was time for a change.... and as the Brides came, I had to make the decision that something had to go. Offering all the services I offered made me feel like I was Jack-of-all-trades, master of non. One day I could be making a birthday card, the next I could be designing a whole range of stationery for corporate clients and the next day I could be painting a canvas with inspirational poetry.

There is some regret that I am leaving those orders behind, but another part of me is sighing with HUGE relief that I will no longer be bouncing about, not knowing from one day to the next what orders will come through the door and how long they will take up of my precious time. There was the added problem too that someone would come in with a really small poem or quotation and not realise the time that it would take to actually think it through. People also have a preconceived idea of what they want, with no design background and once in a while I had to produce something in a way that was described to me, knowing it looked pretty terrible... this is not what I trained to do.

I finally feel free! More focused. Doing what I really should have been doing all along.

 I want to write,
I want to advise,
I want to help,
and most of all I want to use my design and creative skills, to help Brides get exactly what they want for their most important day.

Over the coming weeks, there will be changes. My lettering and calligraphy pieces will be sold at discounted prices.... the website I created just for the wedding stationery side  and the blog will also see some changes, but it will most probably be another year until Inspired by Script and North Yorkshire Weddings both amalgamate into one.

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