Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Anne & Lee - Bespoke Wedding Invitations

I can't even begin to tell you how bust this year has been, much to my surprise, January is commonly known in the Wedding industry as being 'the quiet month'.

So far to date I have designed and completed 10 wedding stationery orders.... yes that's right 10! And as I pick myself up off the floor I realise that I am way behind my blog posts. 

I did plan on keeping up to date with all the orders as they came in and were completed.... but my feet didn't touch the floor! So.... In no particular order.... I thought I'd start with this one.

Anne & Lee
The couples colours are purple and hot pink,
both the daytime and evening invitations are square 
145mm x 145mm
On white card with matching envelopes

Here first is the purple daytime invitation....

Then the hot pink evening invitation....

Both with the same tumbling heart decoration,
which turned out better 
than I thought the original drawing would.

As my gift to the Bride and Groom I present their stationery,
in a personalised memory box.... It's my little gift from me to them and can be used to save all their wedding memories in,
long after the day has ended......

To see more Stationery designs,
Of course I am always happy to speak in person on the phone, my contact details are at the top right of this blog.

By calling the studio, you will speak to me, the creator, maker  and designer of everything you see on this blog and on my web pages, not some faceless person who is only there to take and despatch your orders. Everything is bespoke and made just for YOU! 

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