Monday, 17 March 2014

HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY TO YOU ALL! - Irish themed Wedding Post Box


I have to say, I was thrilled to get this challenge from an email enquiry. The Wedding is to be an Irish themed Wedding and what better day to share it than St. Patricks Day?

Of course.... while we were discussing ideas 
and themes for the Post Box
leprechauns and Guinness 
did enter the conversation,
but like Joy pointed out

"There'll be plenty of Guinness 
flying around on the day".

So we settled for a rather more 
subtle Irish theme of Shamrocks

I* absolutely LOVE IT
when couples come up with something 
a little out of the ordinary. 

I've just received this email message from Joy:

Hi Sue
Just want to say a massive thank you 
for the lovely box.  Its brilliant 
and I am not letting Kev get his mucky paws on it.
I will certainly be in touch if I need anything else....
and will certainly recommend you to my mates.
Thanks again.


Lots of couples scan the internet for ideas and many of the great ideas come from our friends in the US. It takes a while for couples to be comfortable to break out of the mould and try something a little more suited to them than the more traditional ideas... but eventually it does filter over here.

Hey... it's not that long ago that chair covers and sashes were unheard of, now everyone seems to have them. The simple bows are being replaced by far more elaborate ideas.

I'm fortunate to be in contact with many US based Wedding Stationery Designers and most of us come from a Calligraphy or Lettering Art background, so we've known each other for quite some years. This helps me be one step ahead and often privy to ideas long before the reach the UK. 

So... if you see an idea, chances are we can recreate something similar for you at Inspired by Script
HOWEVER, please don't ask us to copy something outright... it not our way and it's also illegal!

So.... what's your wedding theme? 
Are you daring to be different? 

Pop a comment in the comment section below and let us know... we love hearing from you!

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