Sunday, 9 October 2011

Revisiting a Childhood Passion for Doodling...

I'm not known for my expertise in drawing and painting. I have drawn and painted in the past, but these days it take me all my time to paint between 2 lines. If I need artwork in any commission, I usually leave it to someone who actually calls themselves an artist. I have an ingrained saying in my head which repeats: 'If you can't (insert word here), don't prove it'. As in 'If you can't draw, don't prove it' (or something similar.

Now....I have a bug.....something I can't seem to shake off.....and it all started with a set of these.......

They are water based, brush pens....

innocent enough.....or so they would have you believe!

Add to these a permanent fine line pen and a water brush,

start to doodle a pattern, fill in with colour and add water

to give this effect.......
Of course, with my background in lettering, and nothing seeming to be complete without letters of some kind....I just had to add some Motivational quotations.

I found these to be really addictive. They sent me way back into my childhood of long winter days sat at the table drawing and doodling, with nothing more than paints, pencils and a sketch pad to keep me happy.

It seems that some things never change. I am still easily satisfied....just give me the colour and the water and remind me of those 'Special Quotes' that keep me going when times get tough.

I had no reason or ultimate goal for these when I first started them. I was simply flying free and having fun. I had no intentions of showing them to anyone.....but they have materialised into......drum roll please.....

Fridge Magnets!

Scanned and printed onto magnets, which will be for sale in the Gallery of Inspired by Script for £1.50 each.

At the moment I have more backgrounds and ideas than I have quotations. I love collecting quotes and especially motivational and inspirational ones.

How wonderful it is sometimes just to change direction, even if only for a little while. Thought of childhood are bringing back nostalgia and happy times with my family. The quotations remind me of the need to stay positive, no matter how bleak the world looks at times.

What is your favourite motivational quotation?

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  1. Most excellent! Just goes to show what can come about when simply messing about.


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