Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hot Pink On The Day Stationery - Victoria & Andrew

The date on the top of this seating plan...
shows you just how far behind I am!

Although Andrew was against 
'Too much hot pink'
we soon won him round and in fact...
he was more than keen with the idea
 once we could show him how stunning
the colour can look.

I had already made the Wedding Invitations
some months before.
So these were the little extras that people
like to have which we call
'On The Day' stuff.

PLEASE NOTE: 'Stuff' is a great Yorkshire word for
Bit and Bobs and items too numerous to mention

Here's the Wedding Post Box

And the place cards...

Andrew had seen my display vase
and decided that instead of the usual Tent Cards,
The numbers would look good like this....

I think Vicky and Andrew managed to get hold of some cream coloured jugs,
And filled them with natural flowers.

The table numbers could then be hung from the handle.... cute eh? 

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