Monday 19 January 2015

12 Tips on how running my own business can help YOU organise your wedding and fend off the worry monster!

Well… how’s the planning going?
So you feel like you are juggling with all balls up in the air?
Does your mind go into extreme panic about all the things you have to do?
Is time running away with you?
Do you feel like you are getting nowhere fast and worry that you won’t be sorted on time?
Is the planning overwhelming?
Are you loosing sleep at night?
Do you panic when you don’t feel in control?

Hey! ME TOO!

But with these easy to follow steps I learnt through having to juggle many orders at once…. I think I may be able to help you!

Planning a Wedding is no different to making Wedding Invitations and Stationery. Sometimes you feel everything is overtaking you and it’s easy to fall into a blind panic and do nothing at all right?

OK… if this sounds like you… Read on!
If you can’t afford a Wedding Planner then you need to learn some simple tips and tricks to get you through this minefield.

Every little helps as they say.

TIP 1 Get yourself a note book. At LEAST an A5 size. This will be your companion and help clear any clutter from your head. Once it’s down on paper you can forget about forgetting it.

TIP 2: Rule each page into 3 columns: PROJECT, TIME & DUE DATE. Make a long list of all the things you need to do for your wedding. You may want to break down larger projects into smaller ones.
Then enter the time you think it will take to sort out this project and the date when it needs to be completed by. Multiply all the times it will take by 50%. Nothing EVER takes less time and we want to reduce stress.

TIP 3: On a separate page add your suppliers name and contact details. This will stop you having to remember where you found them and how to contact them in a hurry. It’s no use scrabbling around for that all important business card if you actually contacted them through facebook.

TIP  4: Break everything down into manageable tasks. The large tasks can be made into micro tasks, This way you are more likely to fit in a micro task if it will only take a small amount of your time.

TIP 5: Add your dates to a calendar. One that hangs up… so you can see it at a glance. Use highlighter on these dates if you use the calendar for other things. Make it stand out.

TIP 6: If meeting with suppliers meet with only 1 PER DAY! It’s so easy for things to over run. You really don’t need the worry that you have to leave mid consultation or you’ll be late for the next.

At Inspired by Script WE ADVISE ALL COUPLES to the studio to allow 1 hour for their first consultation. Honestly, the time flies by because there’s so much to talk about and consider.

TIP 7: Use part of your journal to write ideas down. Make a clear heading for each supplier. Collect printout photos and add hand written notes. This is great to collect your inspiration.

Or why not get a PINTEREST BOARD… this is the same idea and is a virtual pin board. We find Pinterest fantastic to connect with our couples. Make a board for every supplier you will need and they can easily go and have a look at your board, getting a real feel for your wedding.

TIP 8: BOOK EARLY! Whether it’s your photographer, florist, venue decorator or Stationer BOOK EARLY! Many of us book time slots and dates and can be booked months in advance. It’s important if you want to use certain people to book AS SOON as you have a date! That way you avoid disappointment.

TIP 9: Learn to say YES to help! I know, I know… you want to do it ALL yourself right? But people generally will only offer once. Take all the help you can get, even if it’s just an ear to bend when times get tough… and we all need one of those every once in a while  :-) 

TIP 10: Learn to say NO! This sounds easier than it actually is, but sometimes when things get on top of you, you really have to take a step back and say no. Your time is precious, peoples demands can be put on the back burner for a while. You need to concentrate on what’s important… YOU!

TIP 11: Take a day off! If you find yourself utterly overwhelmed by the whole thing… step back and take a day off from it all. Go for a walk, give yourself a good talking to and tell yourself “It’s only 1 day of the rest of your life”. Everything will work out just fine!

TIP 12: TRUST the professional. You hired that florist/photographer/venue decorator/wedding stationer… because they’ve done it all before and not wanting to sound blunt (but I will) YOU HAVEN’T! Relax! They know what they are doing. Take their advice. They know what works and why, so please when they speak.. listen. If they advise against something, it’s usually for a damn good reason. Let them do their job and that way they’ll give you their very best service. Why? Because their reputation depends on it! We want to be known for our first class service, working our socks off to make your special day “Not just another wedding”. The less you control them, the better they will do. Give them your ideas and see how they roll!!!

BONUS TIP: Make friends with your supplier. They are there to help. Whatever may be keeping you awake at night can be solved by making a call. Most of us are closet social workers you know :-) We are used to dealing with the panic and stress Brides can put on themselves.. When things get on top of you… step away and do something different. Going back to it all fresh, will make things seem a whole lot easier. Don’t get bogged down by trivial things.

REMEMBER: Everything will be alright on the night

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