Thursday, 4 April 2013

Don't hold back your Jiggery Pokery!

So..... there I was at the studio..... waiting for emails to confirm the go ahead on the next lot of Wedding Orders (as sometimes happens), twiddling my thumbs and waiting for my partner Steve to get back from visiting relatives. And seeing these inspirational pieces by Kyleigh's Paper Cuts  last night didn't help either! I just had to use the spare creative time and put it to good use!

Unlike Kyleigh, I design on computer and cut on machine.... which sometimes doesn't work out as I want it to! 

However.... using the right depth to cut helps!
you would think by now I would have checked that first!
Old dogs, new tricks spring to mind!

I have my son and daughter-in-laws Wedding Anniversary coming up soon,
And thought if I was going to have a play, it may as well be for a good reason....

After a bit of jiggery pokery and surprisingly no swearing, it eventually turned out ok I think :-)
I'm planning on putting it into a floating frame and then it can be hung in any room as the background wall colours will show through :-)

Being busy with back to back Wedding Stationery orders I don't get much time to play and experiment these days.... but I managed another couple of things this week.... 

I was frustrated that the Website and blog didn't look the same... they looked 'similar' but not the same. I tried Dynamic views on Blogger, but to be honest, I wasn't impressed and decided after redoing my Website Template to revert back! Anyway... I've managed to recreate the top of my blog to look even more like the website, by saving the header as a picture, then again using a bit of jiggery pokery I managed to come up with this:

Then I got asked if I could make 100 cut out hearts with the Bride 
and Grooms name on them... errrr......It seems I can....

The thing is... I'm a VIRGO! There you go... you heard it from me!
And while I admit I'm not the tidiest of people,
once I have a challenge, I find it hard.... no, let me say that again...
I find it IMPOSSIBLE to let go!...
and I just HAVE to find a way round it, if possible!

Then a Bride sent me an idea she had seen for some thumb prints turned into hearts...
and wondered if I could make something using their fingerprints.... 

I had seen this idea before on Pinterest, 
and the ones I had seen were actually rubber stamps.
I wasn't sure how they would turn out once foiled.
As with any unusual request, I had to say
"I've no idea how it's going to work,
or in fact if I can do it... but I'll have a damn good try!" 

This is just a mini prototype......
And after meeting with the Bride we've actually mashed 3 ideas together, 
but as I'm working with her at the moment, I'll keep her ideas top secret,
there's one thing that is a dead cert.... they will DEFINITELY be unique!

That's the biggest pleasure of getting to 'know' the Bride and them getting to know me.
The ideas can then be thrown into the pot and out come the creative juices.

So..... how do you use your Jiggery Pokery?
Do share and leave a comment :-)


  1. Very cool tree! Jiggery pokery made me smile. The Ninth Doctor Who said that when he fixed Rose Tyler's phone for Universal Roaming :-D

  2. Love that cut out Sue - I can see loads of possibilities for that technique! Jill x

  3. Kiggery Pokery is the only way sometimes CJ lol xxx

  4. I think I need a bit more practice first Jill. Still... I don't rule out anything these days :-) xxx


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