Friday, 19 April 2013

Don't ask me to copy someone else's idea as refusal often offends!

I have an issue.... and if this had happened just once, it probably wouldn't even be worth my time writing about it.... but it has happened repeatedly over the last year!

I love it when Brides come in, all enthusiastic and brimming with ideas about their 'Dream Wedding Day'. However..... when I ask them to come with some ideas, they don't always see 'inspiration' in the same way I do.

Making bespoke, tailor made, using my own designs, sometimes with the Brides ideas, can be time consuming but rewarding... of that there is no doubt! 

With the internet, Brides have access to thousands of cards and wedding invitations in particular, on eBay, Google, Pinterest and many other forms of sharing.  

On more than one occasion I've had a Bride tip out of an envelope either a card made by someone else, or a poorly printed pixelated picture taken from the internet. 

I don't want to start slagging Wedding Stationers or large print companies off here, but quite honestly sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


Certain print companies (who shall remain anonymous!) state quite clearly on their website that they sell Wedding invitations from as little as 60p! Then there's a picture of a folded card, all nicely printed inside and you think you have grabbed yourself a bargain! 

So... of you trundle, filling out membership forms, email mailing lists and eventually get to the part where you have to enter all the information you want on the card....... Hey! I hear you say! I only need 30 cards so that's only going to cost me £18! BARGAIN! Then you have to enter all your payment card details, go through some more security checks, respond to the email that says you want to make the order, click pay and then realise that the P&P has been super hiked up ,,,, and those cards for 60p were the POSTCARD variety (as shown in the small print!) 
Not such a bargain now is it?

A few times I've been presented with the pictures of the front of these cards (which are totally revolting might I add) and asked to do something like them! Errrr you want me to copy that design... Oh yes please.... Errrr I think not! 

For one thing  I do not copy anyone else's designs!

 another thing is ... it's illegal!... Copyright infringement! 

and.... even if I 'could' legally copy it, I wouldn't because it awful from a design point of view and I wouldn't want anyone thinking that's the sort of rubbish I turn out.

Ironically... the Brides who have asked me to do this, generally think

OK, OK, So you can't really copyright a piece of white card with printing on it, cut slightly smaller than a piece of colour card underneath..... but seriously.... do you really think I'd want to???

So please....... on entering the studio.....
Please .......

We have tons of samples and ideas at the shop... there's something for everyone and to suit all kinds of budgets. If you don't find what you are looking for, we will do our best to come up with something especially for you! 

The bottom line is.... If you like a particular idea or card.... 


They are the ones who have taken the time to see what does and doesn't work. 
You owe it to them to reward them for their hard work, making their designs work,
designs that you love so much! 

But PLEASE do not come to me with someone else's design....
I have plenty in my own head that still need to come out :-)

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