Monday, 29 April 2013

A week in the studio of Inspired by Script

As most people who know me and are familiar with Inspired by Script know, the studio is open Tuesdays - Saturdays, so I try and catch up with my Blogging and paperwork on a  Monday. 
During busy times it's hard to blog as each job is completed and so I'll try at least to do a once a week post. Finally, I seem to have caught up with all the orders and this week (hopefully) I'll be spending time creating some new designs :-)

First item on the agenda last week were some table names for Nicky and Adam.... these are their Wedding Invitations so they had to match......

Again the gorgeous Kingfisher Blue foil was used and Nicky & Adam 
named each table after a type of butterfly.... lovely!

Then there were some Kingfisher Blue place cards to do 
who had chosen the same colour scheme......

I was at a Wedding Fair the week before and was approached 
by the lovely Constance from Connie's Cakes 
This is her work below and you can see more on her website
Connie makes the fab figures and her lovely mum bakes the cakes! 

Her and her mum had seen my Egg Cups 
and wanted me to do not only Egg Cups,
but a matching Bride and Groom plate and mug too.
I had to admit I hadn't done plates before,
but there's a first time for everything....

The plates were probably easier than the Egg Cup and Mug put together :-)

Then it was on to Enna and Stephens 
'On the Day' stuff.
I'd already made the Wedding Post Box,

And cut the hearts for the Seating plan....
but the Seating Plan is one of the last things to be made 
as my clients have to wait for last minute replies to their invitations.....

I took the inspiration from the hanging hearts,
which I really loved and worked well....

And .... there we have it....
The finished seating plan :-)

Then, some lush violet paint was mixed.....

And the place cards completed. 

Phew! A wide a varied week for me. It's so nice sometimes to do bits and pieces. It sort of keeps my mind flowing and my enthusiasm going. Don't get me wrong, I love creating the Wedding Stationery, but the 'On the Day' stuff is just as important to me. Variety id the spice of life.... or so they say :-)

And so came the weekend and I want to share this magic moment with you. .... Whatever the weather, Steve and I were determined to get out in the fresh air and blow off some cobwebs.  These days we seem to work all day everyday and find very little time for ourselves. So we decided to pack a picnic and get ourselves off to Studley Royal. (near Ripon, North Yorkshire). 

Steve especially had never seen Deer running free. At reception we were told the that even though they had around 300 deer there, the chances of seeing them were pretty remote..... but he managed to spot one and get a pretty good picture.....

And further on and round the corner..... we were blessed with this......

Whoooooah! That must be the whole damn herd then! 
I LOVE those MAGIC moments, do't you? 

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All photos and text
(c) Sue Simpson

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