Sunday, 21 April 2013

A full and busy week in the studio of Inspired by Script

I have to admit... Vintage is really
'Not my thing' however I couldn't help springing into action
when a friend needed an extra pair of hands.....
First the seating plan.....

And then the menus.....

To be honest.... when I had made them, I was quite taken with them.
Perhaps the soft greens and pretty pinks, brought out the romantic side of me?

I was asked if I could print peoples names on 
Wishing tree tags and 
still cut them out as hearts.......seems I can :-)

Then of course there was Gill and Peters
Dragonfly Inspired Invitations to make

The dragonfly really lends itself to the 
gorgeous Turquoise/kingfisher  Blue foil

Then there was an Order of Service to make
for Nicky and Adam, who get married in just 5 and half weeks.
they were made to match a previous order of Invitations......

Again... the gorgeous Kingfisher Blue foil 
is proving to be very popular! 

The I realised it was my son and daughter-in-laws
4th Wedding Anniversary.
I just HAD the urge to design something in Paper Cuts for them,
using a floating frame so that their stunning wall colours show through,
wherever they decide to hang is.....

And... last but not least....
A design for Lindsi and Kyle.
My very first order n Black Foil....

Adding some stunning and vibrant 
Hot Pink Ribbon, warms up the black.
Sexy or what?

And here's the order:
Wedding Invitations, Evening Invitations
and RSVP cards.... all done and ready to go.....

Tomorrow is the Wedding Fair at The Golden Lion Hotel, in Northallerton. Thankfully close by, so I can have a bit of a slow start.....Blimey! I think I need a holiday :-)

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