Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Unusual Guest Book - Envelope Guest Books Made To Order

Unusual Guest Book - Envelope Guest Book made to order!

As I've said before.... some of my best ideas are not mine... in fact they come from my customers, who request something a little different. Keely rang me and asked if I could make an envelope pocket guest book.... which she could not find for sale ANYWHERE in the UK. I must admit, I searched around and I couldn't find one either! The only reference to these books was on a Martha Stewart Wedding website.

The concept was easy enough, I just made a Japanese Bound book the same way I make Guest Books, wedding Albums and Honeymoon Albums.......

You do however have to make the spine, twice as thick as the inside pages, so that when the envelopes and cards are glued  inside, the front of the book doesn't splay open.

 The request was for the book to be made in Ivory, Lemon and Gold.... oh and with Butterflies on....

 With the right colours the hot foil can look stunning!

 Although the envelopes are quite small (as envelopes go) adding 6 to a page makes the book rather large.
The overall size of the book is around 30cm x 49cm.

 This book contained 60 envelopes....
enough for 120 guests and I made little cards
 to fit inside each one.

And I've made a sign to help the guests along...

As I'm more your bright and gaudy colour lover, I really wasn't sure how this would look when it was finished.... but to be honest... I think it made a refreshing change! It's clean and fresh and quite an alternative idea to the 'normal', run of the mill guest books I get asked to do.

I'm looking forward to making more :-)
Watch  my website for updates:

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