Friday, 5 June 2020


Introducing our June Charity Kit.
A donation from each purchase
will be given to help small charities
who don't get the same support as the larger ones.

The finished cards

Card 1 - Portrait style

Card 2 - Landscape


Kit Includes:

2 x WHITE Folded Cards measuring 10.5cm x 14.7cm.

2 x KRAFT backing cards

2 x WHITE Matching envelopes

The kits include ALL THE PRE-CUT PAPER ELEMENTS for the top

and includes FREE SHIPPING TO THE U.K!

All you need is glue.
We recommend P.V.A. applied with
a cocktail stick for the more delicate shapes.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Time for A Catch Up!

Hi Tribe,
We ventured into the studio yesterday, mainly to catch up on maintenance and get this kit idea off to a start. 

I set Steve to work on rubbing down the paintwork on this dilapidated cottage that I fondly refer to as my second home. But first.... he needed to trim back the bush as he couldn't get near the windows!

 During this lockdown I've noticed how blue the sky is. Something I haven't seen since I was a kid! I doubt anyone believed it when I used to reminisce how blue the skies used to be, but thankfully they've now seen it for themselves. 
In a selfish twist, I'm glad the plane companies are going out of business. Not only for the environment but the economy too. If more people spent their money here we would be more financially stable as a country and don't even get me started on the carbon footprint all these travelling planes cause. 

I have to admit, it was a hot day... perhaps too hot (Did I really say THAT?). It was so hot Steve went on a mercy mission to get the last remaining ice cream lollies out of the home fridge. 

I finally put all doubts and worries aside and the work on the new Charity Kits has started! As I said in a previous post it's really bothered me that the smaller charities are down on their vital fundraising. Their shops are closed and the events that they rely on so heavily cancelled. So, I'm making it a priority. 

Oh the irony of paying a small fortune for a diary this year! I bought this and remember almost fainting at the price.... but it went with my branding so I clenched my teeth and bit the bullet!

Now it looks like it's going to end up being a notebook, what with all weddings cancelled and such like.

Perhaps I'll buy a cheap one next year!

I'm thinking of launching the Charity Kits on the first Friday of every month.
This will give me enough time to make the kits, write the instructions and get the blog post written.

I've designed the cards already. I just have to decide on how many to make available and what charities to support.

Steve managed to get the paintwork rubbed down, but the more he sanded the more wood fell out. The heat was unbelievably hot and too hot to paint. So we ended the day on a high, but knew when to stop. at least.

Yesterday seemed much more optimistic. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it was when the government announced that we can meet in groups of up to 6 people? And while I have no intention of leaving my little town at least for the time being, it does mean we can see the grandkids, which is brilliant news.

Regarding opening the work/shop. While I'm happy(er) to be in there I am not happy to be open to the public anytime soon. Even though I have all the measures in place that I physically can, it all seems too soon and way out of my comfort zone right now.

The numbers may be dropping as a national average, I know fine well that they are NOT dropping here and while R number is nearer 1 than 0, I won't be opening to the public.

I have a website and I'm happy to do messenger video calls, so the only advantage of opening is that the public can see and touch things. Touching things is not permitted under the government regs even with hand washing.

Whether this is a good idea or bad, I have no intention of putting my life or the lives of my family at risk... it's as simple and clear cut as that.

We drink very little and haven't had a drink all lockdown, but last night it seemed right to crack open the Pimms that has been in the cupboard for at least 2 years and have a celebratory drink.

I'll leave you with a little video of my only lockdown ' non-essential' beautiful, solar, moon-gazing hare and the beautiful blackbird friend that serenades me first thing on a morning and last thing at night.

If you read my blog posts all the way through, please can you leave me a comment, a message or simply a quick hello? It will be nice to have something more than a thumbs up that we usually get on FB.

With love and bright blessings, Sue xox.

Sunday, 24 May 2020

What is an Affirmation?

Even strong people crumple sometimes! 

I'm not afraid to admit that my own mental health has suffered over the last couple of months and looking at my FB feed a lot of others are also suffering right now, so I've re-invented something I used to make years ago BEFORE I went into the whole wedding stationery business and somehow it felt that the time was right to bring them back. 

I've upgraded to a metal box and increased the number of cards to 50! 
Previously they were sold in a card box, but I wanted something more durable to withstand many opening and closings. 

I really feel like I could write a book about this, so this post will probably be much longer than I intend….. nothing new there then lol.

First off……..

For anyone who’s a cynic about these things, you really have to be committed and try them ad hopefully it will prove to you that WORDS HAVE POWER! More importantly, what you say to yourself magnifies, whether it’s negative or positive. We have all been guilty at one time or another of pulling ourselves down. It’s easy to think the worst of ourselves. Usually, the words we choose to use to ourselves are designed to chip away at our self-esteem and confidence to such a degree in severe cases it can lead to depression and a general feeling of unworthiness. Very often these negative self-beliefs have been sown by someone else. A comment made in jest can so easily play on your mind. Other times you can create them all by yourself.

If you practice Affirmations I will practically guarantee that you will see an improvement. I say practically guarantee because you really have to WANT to change and some degree of responsibility for that lies on your shoulders.

Long before the book, The Secret came out (a book I absolutely abhor by the way, as it equates money and possessions as affirmations - which they aren't!'s not all about riches and power!) where was I (jumps off the soapbox!) yes long before The Secret and The Laws of Attraction came out, a lot of us were already practising Affirmations.

Put simply an Affirmation is ‘The 3 P’s’
It’s PERSONAL to you
And It’s PRESENT… ie you speak it as if it’s already happened.

If you think about it logically, a lot of negative self-talk can bring you down to rock bottom. Feeding the subconscious with thoughts that you probably wouldn’t even say to your worst enemy….
I’m so fat!
I’m so thin!
I’m so stupid!
I hate myself!
I’m just an idiot!
I’ll never have any money!
I’m always so skint!
Everyone hates me!
Everyone takes me for granted!
Etc. etc. etc….BLAH BLAH BLAH

Now if you can talk yourself into believing these things about yourself, it stands to reason that doing the opposite will make you believe the good things about yourself, and in turn, attract those things to happen and right before your eyes.

So an affirmation about say….
I NEVER have enough money
Should be changed to
I ALWAYS have enough to get by on.

I am so fed up
Should be changed to
I am happy

I feel ill
Needs to be changed to
I am healthy

The idea is that you pick one card out a day and say it repeatedly to yourself. I used to write them on post-it notes and leave them all over the house…on doors, fridges, mirrors…anywhere I would look frequently over the day.

The advantage of the new cards in a box is that you can either spread them out in front of you and choose one or take ten out and give them a good shuffle. then choose. However you decide to use them is up to you.

A card maker I know uses them to add to the front of her hand made greeting cards. Cool idea eh? 

If you'd like a set or can think of a friend who would benefit from these right now  HERE'S THE LINK.   or send me your email address to and I'll send a Paypal request (No account necessary). 

In the meantime, keep your chin up....we're all in this together!
Everyone feels the strain right now. Keep talking.... even though you don't want to.  A problem shared is a problem halved.  We are going through some extraordinary times right now but there's no need to go through it alone. I'm available to listen if anyone needs me. 

Message me through messenger on Facebook:

Love and bright blessings,

Monday, 27 April 2020

Pop-up Box Card and how they work

I remember seeing my first pop-up box card on a Facebook group I'm in. 
WOW! Just WOW! Did someone make that? So I set to work on making my own.
I remember the first one I made took me almost all day, but the magic of seeing it pop open was so worth it!  I set about making one for each of my family members birthdays. They became easier and I found ways around the long-winded ways on You Tube making them quicker at least.

They come flat, but with a gentle squeeze of both sides they pop up into a box and the little graphics, hearts or whatever bob around and bring a unique sense of magic to the recipient. 

Everyone who received a card loved them 
With practice, it was sourcing the graphics
which turned out to be the most time-consuming part.

This is the first one I made for my make-up mad niece. 

The Mad Hatters tea party for a friend
(on the left.)

This one I made for my brother who is mad
on all kinds of pushbikes

I worked on ideas that were quicker to make 
and in turn, this made them affordable. 
I love the way these hearts bob around 
and the glitter card catches the light. 

Watch again how they work......apologies for the awful video..... 
I didn't intend to share it.... but hey-ho! 

I'm going to work on more 'Off the shelf' cards and as time goes on fill up my shop a little with Popup Boxes for special occasions. 

I have toyed with the idea of offering these as kits, what do you think?  I'm keen to know your views so please pop me a comment. 

Any questions will be answered. 

Pop over to the website link POP UP CARDS  to see more. 

Monday, 13 April 2020

Favourite Quote Invitations

Not all couples want flowers or graphics on their stationery but if you are one of these, what are the alternatives? 

How about using your favourite quotation? 

Above are just 4 ideas from invitations we have created in the past.
Of course, there are many more and we love bespoke invites as much as you do so make it personal.

What about places you hold dear: London, Paris, New York

We met in ........................ He proposed in........................... We married in..........

Favourite lyrics from a song: Love, love changes everything

Favourite film or book quotation and it doesn't have to be about love: We're mad, bonkers, completely off our heads. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

I'm sure you can get your creative thinking caps on and come up with something unique that reflects you both. And, of course, I'm here to help you along the way.

If you like what you see above or have ideas of your own, feel free to contact me and let me know what you are looking for, perhaps I can help.

Tel: 01609 776 866
Our studio in Northallerton,
 North Yorkshire DL7 8DW is open
Tuesday - Friday
10.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. Saturdays by appointment.
The website is of course open 24/7:

Let's be social! Find us on:

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Not every Bride wants to be called a 'Princess' - Informal Wedding Ideas

Not every couple wants an all singing all dancing event. In fact, I had one Bride who planned her wedding 2 years in advance. She thought that by being organised and prepared she'd avoid the stress and anxiety. WRONG! 4 weeks before her wedding, when everything was paid for, she backed out!

Why? The thought of being centre of attention for a whole day became overwhelming.
When I asked why, she told me "It's just not me!.... or rather it's just not us!"

Not EVERY Bride wants to be called a Princess!

The balance of having the wedding 'you want' as opposed to the wedding 'everyone expects you to have' is a fine one.

My advice is....
"Do not buckle under peer pressure"

It's quite acceptable to have a small, quiet, intimate wedding, and to be honest, these weddings usually go down better and are much more memorable that the huge affairs where couples feel obliged to invite everyone from distant cousins to people they haven't seen for years.

Hey! And don't think that having a small, informal wedding, will be any the less meaningful.

Better to have a small group of people who want to share your day, than a stadium full of folk who feel obliged to be there because your mum was friends with her aunty twice removed.

Here's some tips to have a great day:

Forget the sit down meal!
Have the wedding late in the day, followed by an evening buffet and disco.
or how about a BBQ or Tea party?

Ditch the DJ!
Consider playing music through your iPod.

Ditch the photographer! 
Of course, you could provide guests with disposable cameras, but if you want decent photos, ask a friend who's pretty good with a camera or make sure you find a photographer who will take pictures as a sort of camera capture of the day, with no-one having to be ordered about and made to pose for hundreds of photographs.

And.... what about this great idea?
Get all your friends to take photos and get them to upload them to a Pinterest Board you have created or what about Instagram using a hashtag. Make little cards to give out at your reception with the website/URL where you want them to upload their photos!

Still want photos?
To save money.... why not ring the local College or Uni and ask if one of their students would be interested in photographing the day.... great experience for them!

"Who you have at your wedding
 is far more important 
than how many you have
 at your wedding".

And what about my Bride that cancelled just before her wedding?

Well.... she did get married, about a year later.
This time a small wedding with just a few close family and friends
Much more relaxed and more in keeping with the couple's personalities. 

A fairytale ending, without the 
Princess pomp and ceremony.
And by all accounts.... 
they had a ball! 

Are you having an informal wedding? 
Share your ideas in the comments below and inspire others!

If you're looking for  inspiration, for an informal wedding....
 pop over and take a look at OFF BEAT BRIDE there are some great ideas!

Friday, 10 April 2020


I belong to this awesome FB group WEDDING SCAMMERS- DON'T LET THEM WIN!

Action Fraud is the first place to report money lost to wedding fraud. You can report via their website or by phone. They are supposed to cascade the information to the local police force of the scammer involved but in practice, we have found this does not happen.
Inland Revenue
Occasionally traders may require a report to Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue have advised us that the Police and Trading Standards do not send them information about businesses who are being investigated for fraud. A separate report needs to be made direct to Inland Revenue.
Signs of an unregistered business that is not paying tax include:
  • no proper invoices/ does not provide paperwork
  • invoices/ receipts that don’t state an address for the trader
  • trader does not display their address on their website/ quote/ invoice
  • requests payment via Paypal “friends & family” saying it’s to avoid fees
Trading Standards
Telephone: 03454 04 05 06 Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Closed on bank holidays.
Money Claim Online aka “Small Claims Court”
The system is fairly easy, you start online here You will require the traders name and address.
DMCA Takedown
This is used when a trader is using stolen images on their Facebook page or profile to trick clients into booking them or buying from them. Facebook will usually take the stolen content down with 48 hours. Start a DMCA claim here by clicking the copyright button:
Please note that the copyright holder must make the claim. That is usually the photographer who took the images.
Paula Brown from Ollievision Photography also has THIS ADVICE if you are considering Buying wedding services safely on Facebook or Online – a guide for couples who want to avoid being scammed!
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