Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Wedding Inspiration! - Orange Calla Lilies Seating Plan, Post Box & Menus - Rachel & Eamon

this was a rather unusual request and to be honest... I had to get my thinking cap on.
Rachel and Eamon weren't keen on the ever popular Butterfly wedding post boxes 
that never seem to go out of fashion, but during conversation Rachel mentioned that orange Calla  Lilies were her big thing and were to be included in her bouquet.

After a few goes, I managed to come up with this....

while Rachel liked the idea she asked if I could make them more 
'realistic'... so out came the pastel chalks and a shading brush
and with a whoosh and a swizzle I came up with this..... 

And this is what they were to look like 
when they were assembled into a flower...

they looks pretty awesome on the bottom of the Post Box....

I used Orange for the name plate border 
as this was to be the main colour theme,
but added some green around the lid 
to introduce some of the green from the stems...

Rachel & Eamon also wanted some Menu Cards and Table numbers,
so I suggested having both the number and menu both on one card.

I don't have an Orange foil... so we went for Copper instead....

And again.. those Calla Lilies....

Mail order menus are sent flat packed for ease of posting....

We discussed a Guest Book... but in the end
went for Wishing Tree Tags. I am of the opinion that people 
are more inclined to write on the cards than they would in a guest book.

Rachel was to get a large vase and pop in 
some twisted Hazel or Willow branches in
so the guests can hang the tags after writing on them 

I found this gorgeous tangerine coloured 3mm satin ribbon...

Which went lovely with the foil 

And finally the seating plan.
One of the very last jobs for me to do....
some guests can be a pain in the bum when it comes to replying.
Those late repliers don't realise how much stress 
and pressure a bride can be put under at such a late stage.

Usually... this is the time when my 
hair becomes that little bit whiter too!

for the Seating Plan to look right,
the measurements for the vertical 
and horizontal lines have to be meticulous.

For this I need extra help and another pair of hands...
Call in Steve Smith! 

After laying out all the cards,
doing the mathematics with calculations 
that would make Einstein proud,
the cards are glued to the foam core board. 

And..... there you have it...
the Post Box and Seating Plan, side by side. 

And..... were they happy with it? 

Here's what Rachel had to say

Hi Sue,
I just wanted to let you know that the table plan and post box arrived safely this afternoon.

They are perfectly stunning and I am really thrilled with all of the things you have created.  I certainly have never been to a wedding with a wishing tree ... and think this will be a huge hit!! 

I can't thank you enough for turning round the box and plan ... and am very grateful.
I'll send photos after the event and certainly be liking your page.
You have been wonderful.  
Warmest regards and thank you.
Rachel xxxx

Good feedback, happy customers 
and recommendations 
are worth their weight in Gold.

Working with couples to create 
something for their special day,
specific to them is not a job.....
it's a pleasure!

See something you like?
Or do you have ideas of your own?
Run it by me by ringing Sue on 01609 776 866
Or call into the shop Inspired by Script, 288a High Street, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 8DW
For a no obligation discovery session .
Email: inspiredbyscript@yahoo.co.uk 

Monday, 20 November 2017

Black Friday to Cyber Monday Wedding Invitation and Stationery Sale!

Black Friday is almost upon us and it would be silly of us not to join in the fun for all you bargain hunters.

This year we are extending our offer right through to Midnight Monday!

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So whether you are needing Save-the-Date Cards, Invitations or On the Day Stationery we have something for everyone.
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*Please note: This offer applies to internet sales only!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

REAL WEDDINGS Victoria & Miles Custom Made Burlap & Lace Wedding Invitations

Victoria & Miles loved the design of the Burlap & Lace flat invitations but after a discussion about how much information needed to be added, together we decided that the most cost effective solution was for me to make a Tri-fold invitation using the same design.

The Trifold is an ideal solution if you are wanting an invitation that contains additional information and keeps everything on one sheet.
It's almost half the price of a pocket fold invitation and looks just as good!

Victoria ^ Miles also decided to go that extra mile and have envelope liners. These can make a huge difference adding a bit of luxury which doesn't cost the earth.

The greatest advantage of us designing and making everything 'In-house' is that we can work closely with you to give you exactly what you want so any design can be made up in a variety of ways to suit your budget.

Have you an idea in mind that you can't find anywhere on the internet?
Either CONTACT US or give us a quick call and we'll see if we can help.
Tel: 01609 776 866
We can't promise to help everybody, but we'll do our damnedest to try.

You can find us on:





Burlap & Lace Flat Invitations


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Can't afford a photo booth? How about D.I.Y.?

Were you considering having a photo booth at you wedding? But after finding out the cost, decided against it? 

Monday, 15 May 2017

REAL WEDDINGS Claire & Robert - Red & White Travel themed Wedding Invitation

These Red & White Travel themed Wedding Invitations, made for Claire & Robert, was one of my my last order before I closed for the Christmas break.

Claire wanted travel ticket style invitations and it had to include Accommodation details as well as an R.S.V.P.  

3 tags were tied together with a 7mm red satin ribbon
and a Belly band which slipped over all 3 cards, completed the look. 

My first order using Belly Bands.... I think they'll become pretty popular this year.

If you are on Pinterest you can see more of our Wedding Invitations here

If you are looking for Red Themed Wedding ideas, we have a board for that too HERE

We've made our blog Pinterst friendly... so feel free to pin :-)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

REAL WEDDINGS Charlotte & Sam - Dark Blue & Silver personalised wedding invitations, Wedding Post box Wishing tree tags and Favour Tags

Charlotte & Sam have chosen a Dark Blue & Silver themed wedding. 

They decided on our 'Tumbling Hearts' design and asked that the day invitations were made a little more extravagant and opted for the Gate=fold Style, while choosing the more simple flat invitations for the Evening Guests. 

They are making their own wedding favours so I made some tags in the same colour scheme to match .

The wedding post box will hold their cards inside, again using the hearts and navy blue colour scheme.

Instead of a Guest Book they are using my Wishing Tree and I've made the tags to go with them. 

It's been difficult to source boxes for these tags to be stored in after the wedding is over, however a company just happened to have some of just the right size.

The top of the box is personalised and slips off to reveal a little poem to encourage the guests to fill in a tag and hang it on the tree.

Are you on Pinterest?
If you are.... see more of our Wedding Invitations, Post boxes and tags here 

Is Blue your colour theme?
See our Blue Themed Inspired Weddings here

Thursday, 11 May 2017

REAL WEDDING - Shaun & Mandy Hot Pink and Silver Foil Wedding theme

I've already blogged about these gorgeous Wedding Invitations over at my Wedding Blog by I just had to share again, as hot pink never seems to loose it's popularity. 

I was asked to make the Wedding Invites using Hot Pink Ribbon and printed insert and silver Foil Decoration to the card. We thought that Hot Pink foil may be a little overpowering.

As a special gift, I invested in 20 bespoke Keepsake boxes which not only make it a pleasure handing them over, but personalised and with matching ribbon can be used as a keepsake box to be used afterwards to keep the Bride and Grooms cards and memories in. I also offer them for sale to Brides who have bought their stationery elsewhere.

made a matching Silver Foiled tag and the Hot Pink Ribbon just make the box look fantastic. The Bride and Groom seem to like it too.

I was also asked to make little cards for this wedding order, asking the the nicest possible way for money instead of gifts....this is a difficult one for newly weds today, but with an increasing number of people setting up home before they get married, I think people are no longer offended by this and lets face it, it relieves guests from having to come up with something special.

Gone are the days of 25 sets of bathroom scales, 6 toasters and 3 kettles.If you are considering asking for cash as a gift see our post about 


If you are struggling with anything regarding wedding invitations and stationery and have any questions you need asking, leave a comment below. 

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