Thursday, 14 November 2013

Red Themed, Wishing Tree Themed Wedding Invitations - Stacey & Ben

Stacey & Ben are getting married
among Cherry Trees!

While she liked the Wishing/Blessing Tree design,
I suggested I'd try another design or 2 and see what she liked best.

So.. I set to work drawing some stylised  Cherry Trees
in a similar style to the blessing Tree....

The rule of thumb here is... the more black there is on the design,
the more red and therefore the more stunning the card will look.

Nope.... she wasn't convinced and we went back to the 
Wishing Trees... but added a couple of butterflies...

Stacey & Ben chose Folded Invitations for the Day Invites
and Flat for the Evening

Here's a close-up of the design....

hey! Just going to mention here... if you colour theme is RED
There's some great ideas!

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