Friday, 15 November 2013

Purple Themed Weddings -Kerry & Ryan - Lisa & John

Purple... and in particular
Cadbury's Purple is one of the most popular colours.

So much so, that this year all the UK stockist of Hot Foil were out of stock
and as the supplies come in from the US we were all on a wing and a prayer as to whether we c0uld get any more.

More worryingly for me... I had 3 orders in a row... asking for purple.

Lisa & John went for a Purple and Lavender Post Box

The 2 colours went well together
and took some of the over powering intensity out of things.

Don't get me wrong... I'm a girl that believes,
you can't have too much Purple... 

While Kerrie & Ryan needed a seating plan....

And Kirsty & Paul also needed their seating plan....

If like me you LOVE purple,
pop over and see my Pinterest themed board

If you are thinking of using Purple as your theme,
why not mix it with a little bit of Peacock Blue

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