Thursday, 7 November 2013

Vintage. Art Deco, Chalk Board, Inspired - Save The Date cards & Tags

Vintage. Art Deco, Chalk Board, Inspired 
Save The Date cards & Tags

It's been one of those 'funny' weeks. I'm thumb twiddling 
while I wait for couples to get back to me with final details of their orders,
which can take some time :-)

So... for a long time, I've been wanting to get on with some

Here's the first:
Based on a Chalk Board Style Font.
The 3 samples are in Pink, Purple and Blue,
but of course you can have anything you want.

The second is inspired by 
Art Deco..
A particular favourite period of mine :-)

And the 3rd idea is a classic vintage.

Of course, these designs are simple jumping off points.
We at Inspired by Script, work closely with our couples
and use their ideas and our creativity
 to come up with something that little bit different. 

Do you like them?
Leave a comment below
or drop us an email
... we LOVE to hear from you 
Sue x

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