Monday, 12 August 2013

Kirsty & Paul - Cadbury's Purple Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Kirsty and Paul
were married on Sunday.

The colour theme of their wedding was Purple

They choose, as many couples do,
Folded Invitations for the Daytime guests,
and Flat Invitations for the Evening Guests

The choose a fine Baroque/vintage style design

With fine filigree and solid leaf pattern

A theme that was to run throughout the whole of this order.

'On The Day' items are generally ordered much later 
and closer to the date of their wedding. 

Once you know how many people are coming
 and who you have to cater for.

There were 7 tables in all,
6 plus the top table.

Here are the table numbers,
flat so that they can stand in holders

And here's a close up

The Order of Service 
were made into book,
with 8 pages inside.

I made the covers more decorative 
as I could afford to fill up more space 
than I had been able to on the Invitations

And again.... here's a close up

Or two.......

The multiple pages means that the couples have the choice
of either hand stitched or stapled...
depending on their budget.

Kirsty and Paul chose to have a triple fold menu
to stand next to the centre table decorations

There was also a Wedding Post Box....
but for some unknown reason I forgot to photograph it!

And finally, with just 2 weeks to go
The Wedding Seating Plan...

Much less fussy than normal,
due to the fact that there were no hearts of butterflies to stick all over it :-)

Sadly, Wedding Stationers rarely get to see the finished effect. Unless they have friends who are the wedding planners or photographers and who can take pictures on the day. Overall the design and colour worked really well and most of the time the work was left up to me.

From start to finish, this couple were uncomplicated and made the whole order go smoothly and effortlessly. This was probably the most stress free order I have ever had the pleasure of doing.

It's great when a couple trust you as an artist and creator.... it makes our work so much easier :-)

I would like to wish them all the very best for their bright and happy future together and thank them for being so laid back and easy going. 

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