Saturday, 24 August 2013

Personalised Packaging for hand made goods

Mega apologies for being SO behind with my blog posts!
July and August are the busiest times in the Wedding Industry,
I've had loads of Brides wanting on the day items.

The posts are all queued up and 
waiting for me to write the descriptions.....
but in the meantime, 
I'll share a few new packaging items 
I've made for myself.

I've been making some tags
with a variety of words on,
to suit an assortment of orders that I get in.

I put the pics out on facebook 
and took a vote as to which fastening people preferred.

The string won, hands down!

I also made some transparent wraps,
which turned out rather cool! 

Hand Made, designed, printed and foiled with love,
especially for you at the studio on Inspired by Script

Hand made and sprinkled with care and love
especially for you at the studio of

Hand made, designed with smiles  and love
especially for you
at the studio of Inspired by Script 

I LOVE making personalised tags and tickets, especially for the Hand Made market, it all adds to the 'I took care and a lot of thought went into this' kinda feel to hand made products, don't you think?

I'll be back soon with some Wedding related write ups.... and one or two non related Wedding orders.... one of which has proved very interesting and saw me hitting the international market.

In the meantime, enjoy what's left of the Summer while it lasts. The last 2 days have given us some much needed rain.... but after the amazing Summer we've had we really mustn't complain :-)

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