Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Penny & Andrew - Pale Pink Wedding Invitations and Stationery

Pale Pinks rather than Fuchsia 
were the order of the day....
and hearts....and plenty of them!

The order was for 
Daytime Invitations
Evening Invitations
and RSVP Cards

All with hearts 
and all in soft pinks...

Folded DL - 21cm x 10cm Daytime Invitations
14.5cm x 14.5cm Flat Invitations
10cm x 10cm Flat RSVP Cards

And closer to the day....
The Wedding Seating Plan

Decorated with oodles of hearts!

And some larger ones to give a bit of comtrast

And.... don't forget the table numbers....

The place cards were written in pale pink gouache paint, but look pretty odd on a photograph as Penny was adding a Heart Brooch as not only a place card but a Wedding Favour too. Money was donated to Cancer research on each guests behalf.

Subtle but pretty and a refreshing change from Hot Pink I have to say. Pale pink would be a good colour to use for the more Vintage Type, Traditional Wedding themes. 

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