Thursday, 18 July 2013

How to make a simple Egg Box Book

How to make a simple Egg Box Book
These make great DIY Favours for weddings!

These cute and simple little books can be made using only 

A square Piece of Paper,
2 pieces of car
and some ribbon.

They are a great idea to make as 
Wedding Favours or a holiday project for the kids.

Here's how I made mine.....

First I cut a square of paper and 
decorate with a picture or greeting

With the lettering facing
fold in half to form a rectangle,
then open and fold the other way to form a rectangle again.
Your paper will have 4 squares on it.

Then turning the paper over 
fold the opposite  corners towards each other
forming a triangle.

Open out and push down in the centre.
The paper should then fold itself into a square
1/4 of the size of the original piece.

Cut 2 pieces of card 1cm larger than the paper
and cover in some decorative paper.
(Soft paper works best)

Add some ribbon before sticking the paper into the covers.

The outside can then be decorated as you wish.

As it was near fathers day....
here's one I made earlier :-)

Fun little books,
which can be made for 
a wide variety of occasions 
and always bring an element of surprise
when the recipient opens it.

If you make one of these books,
why not leave a comment and a link and share your creations. 

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