Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Important news!

Inspired by Script are proud to announce that as of this week, I am joined at the studio and gallery by....Ta da da da da daaaaah! (Drum roll please.....

from Steve Simths Jewellery. Kiln fired, dichroic glass jewellery that is just absolutely gorgeous!

The glass is fired at high temperature, using many layers and the results lead to an iridescent light catching finish. From the glass he makes pendants

Drop and Stud earrings.....


If you would like to see more of Steve Smiths Jewellery go to his website at http://stevesmithjewellery.co.uk and follow him on Facebook by clicking here

There is far more items for sale in the gallery than he has listed on his website....as per usual, creators are great at making stuff, but very lax when it comes to listing on their website or etsy shops :o)

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