Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Personalised, hand Made Wedding Guest Book - Tanya and David

In mt post....They Chose Mystery I mentioned that the Bride and Groom asked me to also make a matching Guest Book.....well here it is....

The front plate has their names and date of wedding on it and the book is sewn and tied with a wonderful pale blue as well as the plate being glued onto some matching Japanese Tissue Paper to match the Invitations

And....very nice it is too, even if I say so myself! :o)


  1. I am now revealing myself as a long-term lurker! I have recently bought a couple of books about book-binding... I'm starting small with simple fold out books... the results have been interesting! I am hoping that wonky books will come into fashion...

  2. Hey Scarlet....good of you to drop by :o)
    I can't believe with all your calligraphic talent you haven't done any bookbinding....but now I'm glad you stated.
    I must admit I have only ever had one full days training in bookbinding and we made a single section book. My largest project was a 500 page A4 journal with rounded spine for a shop in London. I hadn't a clue what I was doing and it was more luck than chance that it turned out ok (thank ye goddess).
    Anyway, I got to thinking.....have you seen these books?
    My passion for making books was born out of the need to stop, endlesly filling up portfolios. I'm sure you too will soon get the bug and look forward to seeing them on your wonderful blog :o)

  3. I'm really impressed with your albums! I think my problem is that I have tried things with the wrong tools and I need to invest in the right ones - I tend to make things difficult for myself. If nothing else I need a bone folder - it would come in handy for many things.


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