Monday, 27 February 2012

Wedding Stationery Butterfly Collection

I was asked by a local Wedding Planner to make some samples of wedding tationery with a 'Butterfly' theme....and here they are....

The first is the Curly Blessing Tree, rather cute and funky
As an alternative to the square format I made
2 DL shaped portrait and one landscape

Then I came up with a trio of of them really big!

Or a single one if that seemed's all a matter of taste

A more delicate design with smaller butterflies

and personalised on the cover

And I's all a matter of taste....

The samples are finished and ready to go, I'll let you know what she chooses. Butterflies are a popular choice for 2012. Perhaps it's their gentle spirit....or their relationship to transformation. They are non threatening and easy on the eye....and who doesn't like butterflies?

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