Sunday, 26 February 2012

Give Me A Sign had to happen! The white on back Gallery Sign had to go! It no longer fitted with my new business model and not only didn't describe my new take on my business, but the colours were totally uninspiring.

The purple, hot pink and lime green were already in use, but in different combinations throughout my branding and as I'm moving forward into the Brides, Babies and Beyond kind of things (Personalised Gifts and Stationery for Special Occasions) I thought that the hot pink would be more eye catching for a sign.

I have to tell you, that this is MkII of the sign, the last one was made yesterday and turned out to be a complete disaster, sign wise that is.

I was so disgusted with it I even forgot to photograph it, which is a shame because it would have made a great blog post on 'What NOT to do, when making and designing a sign!'.

I'm far happier with this one....I even perhaps went overboard when adding my leafy twists and curly branches.....but at least they are MY graphics and not ones pulled off the internet.

It's now hung on the wall......blinding anyone who goes near it and actually describes what awaits anyone who dares to venture down the yard at 288a High Street.... (and you can get directions here!)

What with the revamp inside and the new sign outside...Inspired by Script is certainly looking more appealing and all adds to the new look branding.

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