Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Personalised Labels for Crafters - FREE P&P!

It always surprises me how much effort crafters put into their products, but then send them out to the purchaser without so much as an Invoice or Label stating who and where the maker can be found once they are pleased with their purchase.
So, I've decided to offer my services as a Calligrapher and create some Personalised Labels which can be bought in quantities of as little as 1 sheet. Each sheet contains 21 labels each measuring 63.5mm x 38mm

Each Label will be designed especially for you

and you can use them in any creative way you choose.

The wording is entirely up to you...

I will write and add any details specific to your needs

The samples below are just some of the design ideas to show you examples of what is possible. Not a good picture as it's a scan, but I can send you a sample if you request one.

I suggest:

One line of text:

E.g. Hand Made By, Created with love by,

Made especially by, or even Thank you for buying from)

Then your name or business name:

Then up to 3 lines of type:

Perhaps Address, Website and Phone number

The labels can be used as return address labels, jar labels or they look super when simply stuck to a folded piece of paper or card or on a luggage label.

I'm sure you can come up with many more creative ways to use your stickers....however you use them, you can be guaranteed I will make them especially for you and as they are done in Calligraphy, they will add to the 'Hand Made' feel.

I'm wanting to offer these as a service to other Crafters... so I'm not in it to make a fortune (as any crafter knows....chance would be a fine thing!) The cost of the Labels will be £1 a sheet including FREE P&P......that's £1 per 21 labels....less than 5p each. I will put them in my Etsy and Folksy Shop very soon, but in the meantime if you are interested, as always just email me:

In what inventive ways have you used stickers?

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